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RE: Deep River, CT Town Clerk [ ref:_00D30aql._50040IABnS:ref ]
That's the thing, I only have the entire pdf that I sent you. There's a
Table of Contents in the beginning.  It's broken into numbered sections
(section 1- Administration, Section 2- Alcohol, etc.) so I was hoping
you could use that to break it into the same sections for the website.
For now there's only 14 Sections which wouldn't be a big deal for people
to scroll through. I never know which sections will be revised and it's
different every time.

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Sent: Monday, March 05, 2012 9:32 PM
To: Amy Winchell
Subject: RE: Deep River, CT Town Clerk [ ref:_00D30aql._50040IABnS:ref ]


You will be trained so you will be able to change / update all the
content on your site.

You may want to decide what sections of the Ordinances are often
changed,  Then we can divide the Word documents into separate pdfs at
logical places.

You can send it in sections - that would probably be the best idea.
Maybe with a Table fo contents of some other way to list it.


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From: Amy Winchell []
Sent: 2/22/2012 11:57 AM
Subject: Deep River, CT Town Clerk


Hi! I've attached our Ordinances but I think there's more work to be
I spoke to someone a few weeks ago who said this word document could be
converted by section into pdfs so people could just scroll through
sections instead of the whole thing. I'd also like the entire thing to
be available for printing. The tricky part from my end is that these are
frequently updated. I'll still need to be trained but it's my
understanding that I should be able to revise my word doc and be able to
convert to pdf for posting on the website. Is that right?

Please change the link on the Town Clerk's page to "Town Ordinances and
Special Acts".

These Ordinances should also be linked to the side navigation bar on the
home page. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

Amy M. Winchell

Deep River Town Clerk

174 Main Street

Deep River, CT  06417

860-526-6024 (phone)

860-526-6023 (fax)


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