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RE: Deep River, CT questions [ ref:_00D30aql._50040J8IYz:ref ]
Re #5: We want all the content listed under "Resident Services" and
"Links" migrated over to our new site. We opted not to have "Resident
Services" on our new site and I'm wondering if you think that's a good
idea or not. In any case, some of what is currently listed under
"Resident Services" and "Links"  will go into our new "Departments"
section and the rest would go under "Links" unless you think it would be
better somewhere else. What we really want to avoid is people
complaining that something was available on the old site and isn't on
the new.

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Subject: Deep River, CT questions


I'm coming up with a few questions I hope you can help me with:

1.    Should we be coming up with a list for the "How Do I..." category
is that something you guys fill in based on the content you've received?
Does the same go for "Forms and Applications"?

We will create "How Do I" and Forms and Applications right before you go
live - to allow as much time as possible for content submissions

2.    I'm assuming I'll be keeping vacancies and appointments updated
all the boards

That is correct

but is there a way to have one area that will have all vacancies that is
linked to each board? Something like "Current Vacancies"
that gets updated automatically whenever membership of a board changes?

You'd have to enter it by hand

This could be linked to the Volunteer Form on the Selectmen's page. Can
and/or should the same be done for elected officials?

You can create a page that talks about vacancies and has a link to the
Application.  On that page we can also have a link to the Board/
Commission that has the opening so the person can go there and read the
mission statement

3.    We'd like to list the holidays when the Town Hall is closed. I'm
sure where or how to fit this in. Should it just be specified within the
calendar or should it be a separate listing? We're closed: New Year's
Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday, President's Day, Good Friday,
Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day,
Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas Day and possibly the day
before or after depending on where it falls in the week.

We can list it on the calendar.  If you send the dates, I'll be happy to

Also it might make sense to put it on the Town Administrator's page
(maybe Town Clerk, too)

4.    For Board and Commission Contacts, what happens if none is
specified? Does it just appear as a blank space or will just the members
be listed? Should phone numbers of volunteers be listed?

Well, we can remove the "contacts" area so it doesn't look like
something is missing, but my guess is that Administrator's office will
get a phonecall!  If you want to avoid the additional calls, you may
want to put down one contact.

5.    It was my understanding that all of the content on our current
website would be migrated to our new website. A lot of the information
listed as missing in the links report is on our current site, i.e.:
Health Department link, Economic Development, Selectmen's Office, etc.
We'd also like our links under "Resident Services" and "Links" on our
current site to be migrated, some to "Links" and/or "How Do I", and
"Departments". Did I misunderstand?

Definitely if there are things that are missing (that need to be brought
over from the old site) let me know.  I don't see anything right now in
our "queue" instructing that there is content that needs to be brought
over from the old site, so please do let me know and I'll be happy to
bring it on over!

Take care!



Amy M. Winchell

Deep River Town Clerk

174 Main Street

Deep River, CT  06417

860-526-6024 (phone)

860-526-6023 (fax)


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