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RE: Deep River, CT - Assessors Office [ ref:_00D30aql._50040I9czb:ref ]
Hello Jared,
Thank you for your response.  I will want to set up contact information
several sections so taxpayers won't have to toggle back and forth.  I
would also like to get our email information in there.  Can you set up a
section after phone numbers and before hours with the email address for
our office or is there somewhere else I can give that information?
On the Calculator- I would like the same you link you have already set
up for Deep River on the tab "On-Line Property Assessment Database"
which links you to the Deep River database on Vision.  (If that doesn't
make sense... call me at 860-526-6029!)
Thanks again,

Robin L. O'Loughlin, CCMA II
Town Assessor

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Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 1:57 PM
To: Robin Oloughlin
Subject: RE: Deep River, CT - Assessors Office [
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Unfortunately, the contact info on the upper right-hand side of each
page is site-wide and cannot be changed from department to department.
If you prefer to have your contact information on each page that can be
added with the text ("for more information, contact Assessors Office at
123- etc").  Also, the tax calculator has been set up; there is still a
link on there that Newtown had, going to their online database.  Do you
have a link of your own that we can replace the Newtown link with?  If
not we can remove the link.  Thanks,

Jared Rose

--------------- Original Message ---------------
From: Robin Oloughlin []
Sent: 2/13/2012 11:08 AM
Subject: Deep River, CT - Assessors Office

I know the pages are a work in progress right now and you may be
addressing some of my questions in the near future.

In reviewing the work you have already completed on the Webpage for the
Assessors Office, please note the following:

Frequently Asked Questions:

-The last link for 'Manufacturing' - The first form you have linked is
incorrect.  The link should be to (Mfg_Exemption_App_2011) the current
link you have is to a motor vehicle form.

-The hours are Monday through Friday 9-12 and 1-4

-Is is possible to put our email address on the front information page
anywhere else you may find helpful:


One question, when you link to 'printer friendly version'  the
phone number is shown.  Could you have any 'printer friendly version'
the Assessor's page with the phone number to our office - 860-526-6029 ?

That's it for now!  Thank you , looks great.




Robin L. O'Loughlin, CCMA II

Town Assessor

Jared Rose

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