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February 10, 2011 Town Meeting Minutes
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
February 10, 2011

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs Schachter, Tevault, Riazi, Eldridge and Watson.

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes – Town Meeting 1/13/11
Approved as written.

Minutes – Worksession 1/27/11
Approved as written.

Town Administrator Report
Mr. Warrington reported that the Code Enforcement Officer has gone throughout the Town and notified all peeling paint violations that are due for correction by June 1st.  We got approval to turn on the Wind Turbine and we are doing our part to provide renewable energy.  Snow budget is okay and we have salt to get us through the winter.  We request that folks shovel their walks and park on the correct side of the street.  We gave people time, but parents get very angry when their kids have to walk in the street to get to school.

CM Eldridge can you provide an update on the 63rd Place. Mr. Warrington this was a home damaged by fire some time ago.  A building permit was obtained for repairs, which expired on January 11th prior to the work being completed.  The Town has issued 16 violations and on February 11th, if not paid, will be submitted to the courts for an order of abatement.  When that is obtained a contractor will be hired, the work completed and the property billed for these costs.  It will then look from the outside that the property is in order.  We should be before a judge by the beginning of June.

CM Riazi some residents have seen WSSC in the Nature Park to look for a water main.  

Mayor I was with Mr. Torres and WSSC on Wednesday in the park.  The WSSC may forego the work and look at the timing for the second project and try not to run a track through the Nature Park.  If they do have to go through, we asked that they do it on the edge of the Nature Park in order to minimize the impact.  The third piece is they think they can do it with a 15 foot swath and it doesn’t have to be a straight line that may allow for the saving of larger trees.

CM Riazi in general is there any time when the current work on Belleview by WSSC will be completed?

Mr. Warrington Unfortunately, no.  With this weather we don’t have a time frame.

Police Department Report

Chief Robshaw it is awfully quiet around town and I am sure that the weather has a lot to do with it.  Crime for January is down from last year’s level.  We will be citing abandoned vehicles next week.  March is seat belt enforcement month.  We did have a shooting on Landover Road, which is being handled by the County Police and it was a targeted offense and not a random crime.  We had our promotional exam and we should be establishing a new approach on a couple of new programs.  We now have a cell phone number for traffic complaints.  I will post that number on the Town and Police website, which should stream line the process.

CM Eldridge do you get a lot of calls for speeding or kids at Gast Park? Chief Robshaw we had some of that last summer, but we made a few arrests for drug possession and it seems to have stopped additional problems.  I am not familiar with any traffic complaints.  The park is closed at dark and you do not need probable cause to approach anyone in the park at night.  I have 43 radios out now and 5 left.  This program has been very successful and resulted in 41 arrests.  

CM Riazi I really encourage people to participate in the radio program.  Chief Robshaw the police department is working at the top level of technology and personnel efficiency.  The only way to take it further is resident involvement.

Committee Reports

Barbara Pejokovich the next Recreation Council meeting will be Tuesday, February 22nd at 7pm in the Conference Room and all are invited.  The Spring Flea Market is April 2nd and I will take reservations on March 1st, tables are $15 and my number is 301-773-5883.  The Easter Egg hunt will be April 23rd at 11am.  
Mr. Nick D’Angelo noted that the Cheverly Day is Saturday May 14th and it will be the 80th anniversary with a parade to start around 9 am.  We will have a book this year as well and as a Town organization you have to decide what your float will look like and what your ad will be in the book.  The Mayor is the parade chair.
CM Tevault The Prom is Friday May 13th and tickets are $15 or $150 for a table of 10.  We have settled on a band and they are called the New Romano’s.  Their play list is huge, so we should please all musical tastes.  The Prudens will have the photo booth again.  We will have door prizes and best decorated table again.  We will have the pot luck again with a variety and fantastic food.  We sold out last year so get your tickets early.  Tickets go on sale on April 1st and can be purchased from one of the committee members or at the front office.  

CM Watson we will again try to have the Tennis Tournament on the 7th.

Mr. Nick D’Angelo We will have the main stage with entertainment, the midway, fireworks, perhaps karoke and lots of food.  

Mayor Cheverly Day is our day and you can have whatever you like, but we need you to make Cheverly Day a great day.  

CM Eldridge noted that the Green Infrastructure Committee will be presenting its plan to the Council at the March Worksession.  I encourage you to come to the March Worksession.  

Citizen Input

Mayor anyone? No.

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Riazi as noted in the Newsletter, we will meet on March 2nd at 7pm to discuss the 58th Place discussion of the NPS property.  There will be more information coming out via email and it will be held at Fogel Hall at CUMC.  

CM Tevault the CPRC is having a family dance on Friday February 18th at CUMC from 6-8 pm.  There is no admission to get in, but food and snacks will be on sale.   

CM Eldridge the Anacostia Trails Organization is focused on environmental development and cultural tourism and would like to discuss this at the next Worksession.

Mayor Callahan the Giant is closing on February 24th and the Michael Companies is now working with Aldis.  Walgreens signed an 80 year lease and CVS signed a 10 year lease. The Worksession includes: discussion of the building use policy, discussion of Pepco’s line maintenance, Tree Commission appointment, Anacostia Trails and Heritage Association and the FY12 Budget.

CM Riazi I would like the Council to consider a letter to MNCPPC to have them look at the playground space at Judith P. Hoyer.  Mayor if you will do the prep work that would be great.

Adoption O-2-11 Amending the Absentee Ballot Requirements

Mr. Warrington the Mayor and Council were approached about early voting and this amendment should be enable folks to vote early.  What this Ordinance does is remove the numerous old and antiquated restrictions and requirements that exist in our Town Code regarding absentee voting.  We will now be less restrictive and more in concert with the County and State regarding absentee voting.  This will make it easier to vote early.  We will ask the Board to amend their procedures so a member can review the ballot application rather than tie up the Board to get two members here to review a reason.  There will be no reason.  It will make the Board more efficient in handling the applications.

  • Motion CM Watson to adopt O-2-11 amending the Absentee Ballot Requirements.  Seconded CM Tevault.  Approved 5-0

CM Schachter I think we should think long and hard when we change something that has been around for a long time.  We are now encouraging the use of absentee ballots.  I don’t know why the rules have discouraged absentee ballots.

Mayor the State, County and Town all had the policy of having to have a reason for absentee ballots.  The State and County have removed these restrictions and now we are about to do so.  It doesn’t encourage absentee voting it just makes it easier.

CM Schachter sure.  I beg to differ we are removing the obstacles to absentee voting and we are making it easier.  I can’t think of any harm. I am going to vote for this, but it is a bit glib to say it is antiquated and this is one more thing that used to be done in a highly visible way allows your neighbors to know which of your neighbors were voting.  That is going to be lost.

Adoption R-1-11 Appointing Election Supervisor

Mr. Warrington this is to appoint a supervisor for the upcoming election.

  • Motion CM Watson to adopt R-1-11 appointing an election supervisor.  Seconded CM Tevault.  Approved 5-0
Adoption R-2-11 Appointing Election Judges

Mr. Warrington this is to appoint judges for the upcoming election.

  • Motion CM Riazi to adopt R-2-11 appointing election judges.  Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 5-0
Adoption R-3-11 Appointing Election Clerks

Mr. Warrington this is to appoint clerks for the upcoming election.

  • Motion CM Riazi to adopt R-3-11 appointing election clerks.  Seconded CM Watson.  Approved 5-0
Mayor I would note that there are elections coming-up and all of these people provide the Town a great service and this is your opportunity to contribute to your Town government.

Meeting adjourned.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
February 10, 2011

  • Motion CM Watson to adopt O-2-11 amending the Absentee Ballot Requirements.  Seconded CM Tevault.  Approved 5-0
  • Motion CM Watson to adopt R-1-11 appointing an election supervisor.  Seconded CM Tevault.  Approved 5-0
  • Motion CM Riazi to adopt R-2-11 appointing election judges.  Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 5-0
  • Motion CM Riazi to adopt R-3-11 appointing election clerks.  Seconded CM Watson.  Approved 5-0

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