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January 13, 2011 Town Meeting Minutes
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2011

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs Schachter, Tevault, Riazi, Eldridge and Watson.

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes – Town Meeting 12/9/10
Approved as written.

Minutes – Worksession

Town Administrator Report
Mr. Warrington reported on the upcoming construction in town by WSSC.  Letters will be sent to residents at locations where street trees will be removed in order to alert them as to this action.  WSSC will be replacing them with more street tree appropriate species.  The wind turbine is not in operation at this time as Pepco had us turn it off until an inspector could come out.  That has been 4 weeks now and they are asking for some more technical information.  Also, there is good news regarding the Gast Park equipment authorized at the last Town Meeting.  We have found that we can purchase and install the equipment for $4,600, which is under our bidding limit and is a great deal less than the authorized $10,000.

Police Department Report

Chief Robshaw our numbers for the year end are not bad, but could have been a lot better.  If we consider the rash of burglaries in the beginning of the year, which were closed with an arrest, and the 33 incidents of vandalism from the BB gun shootings of cars, then the year would have been one of our lowest ever for reported incidents.  The E ticketing systems are being installed in some of our cars and this will greatly reduce the amount of time spent on traffic stops, will ensure the accuracy of to whom the ticket is being issued and should reduce the potential for conflict by not requiring the officer to obtain a signature.  We will be including additional units in the upcoming Capital Improvement Program for FY12.

CM Watson where are we with the new radio system. Chief Robshaw we are fully operational on the 800 megahertz system, which is working great.  I saw an accident when going home on Route 4 and was able to pick-up my radio and report it to Calvert Sheriff’s Department.
Every officer has a portable radio and an in car radio.  We will be requesting a spare in case one breaks and we are looking to get one for in station monitoring.  

CM  Schachter what is the update on the two murders from last year?  Chief Robshaw one is scheduled to go to trial this month, the one on Landover Road, and the other has gone cold for lack of any leads. We do check with the County on a regular basis to see if there is any new information.

Mayor do we have a continuing presence in the Giant area? Chief Robshaw we have had extra patrols up there in November and December and our crime has been cut in half.  We are in much better shape and will probably incorporate these tactics in the future.

Citizen Input

Mr. Tom Foley Ward 1 resident a couple of things caught my attention from the Newsletter.  The vote to continue the commitment to the developer for the Pointe at Cheverly leads me to ask does that vote also commit the Town to TIF financing for the developers garage?
Mayor there is no existing commitment to do that.  We will have to revisit that issue.  

Mr. Tom Foley building exercise equipment at Gast Park at the request of 5 individuals seems to be more of a fields of dreams in that you build it they will come.  There doesn’t seem to be a polling of people.

Mayor that community of people has risen to 17.  We did a mailing to all the residents around the park and CPRC has sent a letter of support for this project.  We authorized $10,000, but the cost is more like $4,000.  Does that address your question?

CM Eldridge  I think there is broader community support as I have an extensive email system and I sent this out to all of these individuals.

Mayor thank you for your questions.

Committee Reports

Mayor thanks to Barbara Pejokovich who did an incredible job with the children’s holiday party. Also, thanks to the Girl Scouts who had another successful Santa’s Secret Shop and to the Staff for the Holiday Tree Lighting event.  We thank everyone for their help.

CM Schachter I am sorry, but my mind is a little slow and I want to talk about what Dr. Foley had to say.  There are only 2 people in the audience and this is the case of absence of participation, so 17 people is a large number of people of interest.  I want to encourage people to participate.  We must be told since we are not mind readers.

Mr. Nick D’Angelo noted that the Cheverly Day is Saturday May 14th and it will be the 80th anniversary with a parade to start around 9 am.  The Mayor is the parade chair.  If you are in a Town organization you should decide what your float will look like to compete for the cash prizes.  Also, what schools or organizations will be great in the parade?  Get those names to Mayor Callahan.  We will have the main stage with entertainment, the midway, fireworks, perhaps karoke  and lots of food.  There has not been a decision regarding a magazine this year.  February 15th is the deadline for someone to step-up and decide to pull it together.  Financial contributions to Cheverly Day can be done via the slip in the Newsletter, which helps make it all possible.

CM Watson I was going to say that hopefully the Tennis Tournament will happen on the 7th, which is the week before and then hopefully on Cheverly Day there will be a family dance after the basketball tournament.

CM Tevault The Prom is Friday May 13th.  Looking for music volunteers, so anyone who has an idea about a band or have a band feel free to contact me.  If you want to join the committee, let me know.

Mayor I am looking for singers/actors/bands and floats.  First prize is $250, second prize is $150 and third prize is $100.  

CM Schachter discussed the talent in Cheverly that could pull together the Cheverly Day magazine.  

CM Eldridge noted that the Green Infrastructure Committee had a very good meeting. Things are starting to wrap-up.  Hopefully, this will be ready to present it to the Council at the March Worksession.  Somewhat related 58th Place is where the National Park Service owns three properties because they had flooded over the years.  They are on the books to be demolished and the National Park Service are going to have workshops with residents to see what is going to happen to this property.  We are looking for March or April.

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Riazi a lot of people in Ward 1 have had their water shut off and roads being torn up and I appreciate your patience.  Please feel free to contact me for further conversation about that or the upcoming tree removal.  

CM Eldridge I would like to thanks to those involved in Safe Routes to School grant.  I wanted to mention that back in November Cheverly lost Casmir Petritus who was a long time Cheverly resident.

CM Riazi on January 18th there will be a CAPS meet and greet for local schools.  It is in the Newsletter.

Mayor Callahan frequently we are asked about the property where the water tower has been vacated.  WSSC decided not to donate it to the Town to add to the nature park.  They are retaining ownership in the event they need it in the future.  The Maryland Municipal League sponsors a contest for fourth graders entitled “If I Were Mayor.”  I will be working with the local schools to engage the 4th graders.

Holiday Decorating Contest Awards

Mayor there are no cash prizes, but the winners will receive a new Cheverly mug.  Mayor read the category winners.

Adoption O-1-11 Amending the Parking Section

Mr. Warrington this is a result of conversations regarding the types of coverings for commercial vehicles. What we are doing in this Ordinance is recognizing the creation of regulations regarding your parking portion of the Town Code. It puts the public on notice that we do have regulations that deal with how to cover commercial vehicles.  It adds technical language that references that regulations not codified can apply.  It is up for adoption.  The Chief has done some pre-emptive strikes by distributing the regulations to as many commercial vehicles as possible.

  • Motion CM Eldridge to adopt O-1-11 amending the parking section regarding commercial vehicle covers.  Seconded CM Watson.  Approved 5-0

Introduction O-2-11 Amending the Absentee Ballot Requirements

Mr. Warrington the Mayor and Council were approached about early voting and this amendment should enable folks to vote early.  What this Ordinance does is remove the numerous restrictions and requirements that exist in our Town Code regarding absentee voting.  We will now be less restrictive and more in concert with the County and State regarding absentee voting.  Since we do not have the staff to actually set-up early polls, this will do the trick

Mr. Colaresi I think we decided that the best thing to do is to pass this Ordinance at your next meeting and waiving your three reading policy in order to ensure that it is in effect for the upcoming election.

Mayor our election judges have reviewed this as well and I want to thank Joseph Kitchen for asking about this matter of early voting.

Mayor I have changed things a little to allow for CM announcements and then to have the Mayors announcements and then the agenda, but I forgot the agenda.  So, now I am going to go back wards and discuss the agenda. We are going to talk about: the Walgreen Proposal next to the Giant, Building Use Policy, Boom Proposal, Contribution to Bladensburg Senior Class, Discussion of Proposed CIP Projects for FY12, Pepco Streetlights, Cheverly Day Discussion and 58th Place Meeting Logistics

Letter for Hunter’s Ridge

CM Eldridge the Planning Board has looked at the plans because we are within a mile.  There are 200 condominium units to be held in a Homeowner’s Association method.  We are excited about redevelopment in the Landover area and near the Metro.  There were concerns about certain items, which we have listed in the letter.

CM Schachter  this is a statement of our faith in these developers.  I think it is worth putting on the public record that given the latest issues of our former County Executive being arrested for allegedly taking bribes from developers.  I assure the residents of Cheverly that I have no reason whatsoever that these developers, owners officers, directors have in any way been implicated in this matter.  So, I will continue to support them in their efforts.

  • Motion CM Eldridge to direct the Town Administrator to compose a cover letter and to attach the Planning Board’s recommendations regarding the proposed Hunter’s Ridge Development to transmit it to MNCPPC Development Review.  Seconded CM Watson.  Approved 5-0
Survey for Youth Development

Mayor we have received the survey and we are being asked to put it in the next newsletter for residents to respond.  Given that we have not given that much editing and review to this document, then I would like to give it to the 10 or so residents that have expressed an interest in this project.  I ask your opinions and give them to people you may know that have an interest.

CM Eldridge we talked about electronic surveys and will they just mailed in?  I think the more expeditious manner available will be better.

Mayor I am looking for input in order to really get to the needs.

CM Riazi my fear is if the survey isn’t written correctly, then we will not get the results needed.

Meeting adjourned.
Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
January 13, 2011

  • Motion CM Eldridge to adopt O-1-11 amending the parking section regarding commercial vehicle covers.  Seconded CM Watson.  Approved 5-0
  • Motion CM Eldridge to direct the Town Administrator to compose a cover letter and to attach the Planning Board’s recommendations regarding the proposed Hunter’s Ridge Development to transmit it to MNCPPC Development Review.  Seconded CM Watson.  Approved 5-0

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