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January 27, 2011 Worksession

ITEMS FOR TOWN MEETING – February 10, 2011

1. Adoption O-2-11 Amending the Absentee Voting Requirements
2. Adoption Election Resolutions

1. Presentation Walgreen’s Construction

2. Discussion – Updating Building Use Policy                            a*

3. Boom Proposal

4. Bladensburg Senior Class Request

5. Pepco Streetlights

6. Cheverly Day Discussion

7. 58th Place Meeting Logistics

8. Discussion – Proposed Expansion of BW Parkway to Three Lanes

9. Economic Development Proposal                                        

10. Discussion – Proposed Capital Improvement Projects for FY12

11. Discussion - Zip Code Consideration

12. Discussion - School District

13. Approval of Meeting Minutes

(a) = Attorney Items
Sign language interpreters and/or other accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request.

* = This portion of the meeting may be closed to the public in accordance with State law.
1.     Presentation – Walgreens Development
        Decision Required: None.

        The Mayor has asked the developer of the Walgreens site, the empty lot across from the Landover         Shopping Center, to come and provide and update of the latest design.

2.      Discussion Updating Building Use Policy
        Decision Required: Whether to adopt.

        This item has been on a number of agendas. The Town Attorney drafted changes to the current policy. The         Mayor and Council have the latest version, which is also posted on line under elected officials.  An    opinion from the Town Attorney may be discussed, which may require a closed session.

3.  Boom Proposal
        Decision Required: None.
        The Mayor and Council are seeking an update regarding a potential hiring of a sound analysis company to         record data.  The Town Administrator will provide additional information.

4.  Bladensburg Senior High School Request
        Decision Required: Whether to donate funds.
        The Mayor will address this matter.  An email was sent out to a number of Towns soliciting funds for the        Bladensburg Senior High School Prom, Senior Breakfast and Prom After Party.

5.  Pepco Streetlights
        Decision Required: None.
The Mayor has requested that Councilmembers submit potential street light installations for consideration.

6.  Cheverly Day Discussion
        Decision Required: None.
        The Mayor and Council placed this matter on the agenda for discussion.

7.  58th Place Meeting
        Decision Required: To determine the next step.
        The Mayor will address this matter.  This is in reference to a potential meeting of neighbors and interested    parties regarding the removal of homes purchased by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the         subsequent use of property

8.  Discussion – Proposed Expansion of BW Parkway to Three Lanes
        Decision Required: None.
The Mayor has added this item for discussion as a $1 million study has been authorized by the National Park Service.

9.  Economic Development Proposal
        Decision Required: Whether to approve.
The Mayor and Town Administrator will be presenting an agreement to continue economic development in the Cheverly Industrial Park.

10. Potential Capital Improvement Program Items – FY 12
         Decision Required: None.
The Mayor, Councilmembers and Staff have submitted potential Capital Improvement items  for consideration in the FY 12 Budget.

11. Discussion Zip Code Consideration
        Decision Required: Whether to consider alternatives.
The Mayor will present this matter as a new strategy to consider for obtaining a distinct zip code.

12. Discussion School District
        Decision Required: None.
The Mayor will present this matter regarding the current boundaries for Robert Gray Elementary School.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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