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RFP: Hybrid Photovoltaic LED Lighting
Contact 301-773-8360 (David Warrington) or 301-773-2666 (Juan Torres)

Request for Proposals
For The Provision and Installation
of Hybid Photovoltaic LED Lighting

        The Town of Cheverly is soliciting proposals from experienced, qualified and interested individuals or firms to provide proposals to provide the Town of Cheverly with, up to nine (9), U.S. made equipment hybrid solar/electrical lighting, PHC Northwest or equal:

        Qualifications and a letter of interest should be submitted to the Town Administrator, 6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, Maryland 20785 by June 28, 2011 at 1:00 pm at which time they will be publically opened. Please mark them clearly on the envelope Request for Proposal Hybrid Photovoltaic LED Lighting.

        This project is being funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act


I. The Town of Cheverly owns 6401 Forest Road.  The parking lot contains nine (9) free standing parking lot incandescent light fixtures.

1. The contractor must be licensed and bonded.
2. The contractor must obtain all required permits for this type of construction/installation from Prince George’s County.
3. The contractor must provide a copy of General Liability and Workman’s Compensation insurance certificates (not less than $1 million).
4. The contactor must provide necessary safety control during work periods.
5. The contractor must maintain the work area in an orderly manner during the work period.
6. The Hybrid Photovoltaic Street/Parking Lot lighting system or similar/equal product  must be manufactured in the United States.  The contractor must provide an original “Buy American Certification.”
7. The contractor must install the Hybrid Solar & Grid Area Lighting System or similar/equal product to manufacturer’s specifications and/or comply with all Prince George’s County demands for inspection.
8. The contractor must have Prince George’s County perform and approve all necessary inspections.
9. The contractor must coordinate with PEPCO regarding the connections and integration of power generated by the hybrid solar system to the Town of Cheverly facilities.
10. Installation shall be competed within 180 days from the award of the bid.
11. This shall be a “turn key” operation.

12.  All wages must conform to the Davis-Bacon Act: Labor rates can be found at: Q/As at
Wages must be paid on a weekly basis.  All subcontractors must be identified and paid in compliance to all Davis-Bacon Wage requirements.  Wages must comply with set amount at the time of bidding.

13.  American made equipment and products should be purchased as directed by the Buy American guidance/1672.htm provision in the March 2009 Recovery Act.

14.  Must comply with the National Historic Preservation Act 

15.  Grantees request on-time draws as expenses are incurred through Automated Standard Application for Payment. Info at: plan.pdf

16.  Report on number of jobs created/retained.

17.  Provide quantitative metrics of energy saved per device.

II. Preparation

        The Town of Cheverly has worked with the State of Maryland to secure Federal funding under the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Grant Program (EECBG) for this project.

III. What is the Town seeking?

        The Town is seeking the provision and installation of a hybrid photovoltaic parking lot lighting system or similar/equal American made structure and its integration into the Town of Cheverly electrical system and the PEPCO power system.  The Town is also seeking that the site be left free of debris.  At least three references.  Begin work within 30 days of award.  Complete work within 180 days of award.

IV. What the Town will provide.

        Any and all site maps in the Town’s possession.
        Staff input upon request.
        The Town Staff will make themselves available to provide a tour of the existing conditions prior to and during the installation process.  

V.  Payment

        The Town will provide payment one half of the contracted amount within 30 days of satisfactory completion and half of the contracted amount upon State approval of the proposed work.

VI. Reporting Requirements

        The Contractor must submit original Davis-Bacon Wage Act forms to the Town Administrator on a weekly basis.
        The Contractor must submit waste reporting materials to the Town Administrator on upon removal.
        The Contractor must provide Buy American Certificates for all metal and steel and for all manufactured goods per Attachment D.


Hybrid Solar & Grid Area Lighting System (Hybrid Photovoltaic Street/Parking Lot Lighting System). (Enclose copies of requested certificates)

Provision and Installation  Bid per unit                $___________________________
Provision and Installation  Bid for nine (9) units      $___________________________

Company Name            ____________________________
Company Address         ____________________________
Contact Phone & Email   ____________________________

Signature of Authorized Representative

Printed Name of Authorized Representative       

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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