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June 8, 2016 Town Meeting

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
                                                                                        June 8, 2017

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs, Riazi, Ivey, Eldridge, Garcia, Stewart and MacKenzie

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor read Proclamations for the Mayor’s Award and the Jack Wheat award for service to the Town.


Mr. Warrington added approval of Cooperation Agreement with Prince George’s County.

Minutes – Town Meeting        5/11/17

Minutes – Worksession         5/25/17

Chief’s Report

Chief Robshaw I would like to note my accolades to Antwoine Harvey as well for all the work he has done for the Department in receiving the Jack Wheat Award.  It has been a yo-yo year with our crime stats, but we are still below last year’s trend line.  Our burglaries are up over the last two months and many are attributed to suspects that are also working in New Carrollton.  Please ask us for a free home survey to secure your house.  Just call the office for a survey.  Our number one crime is theft and mostly shop lifting from the shopping center.  Our next street meet is at Gast Park at 6:30 next Tuesday.  Our new trailer was purchased through donated vehicles.  We just put in a grant to try to get video attachments to our trailer and we should know by the end of next month.  The County has reconfigured the lanes on Columbia Park Road and we are developing a strategy to ticket motorists that don’t yield to pedestrians.  Landover Road is being repaved and the speed limit is 35 and you should be very aware of the construction.  

CM Riazi do we have narcan?

Chief Robshaw we have looked into it, but we have only had one overdose in town and with the hospital next door we would transport.  The fire department does have them and are usually on scene when we arrive.  If I see a need, I will address by asking for it for our officers.

Town Administrator’s Report

Mr. Warrington stated that we are still working on getting the raised crosswalks on Cheverly Avenue and Mr. Torres thinks they will be done by July 1st.

Mayor reported that I miscommunicated the no of work on Town Park property and they went forward.  I think all will be pleased to see what they are doing to filter stormwater.

CM Riazi there is still remnants of a tree at Forest Road and Valley Way and it has been there over a week and I want to make sure it is on Public Work’s radar.

Recreation Council

No report.      

Green Infrastructure Committee

Ms. Salo Cheverly Day photo exhibit is online at .  The contest focused on Cheverly’s streams and wetlands.  Winners were read and all winners won a Ledo’s gift certificate.

Cheverly Day Committee

Mayor bubble soccer was a big hit.  Thank you to everybody who participated in the parade.  Mayor read the parade award winners.  It was great.  The day was great.  Turnover is important in every organization and the current group has been moving forward for the past 5 years.  I am asking people to step-up and try to help.  Please consider volunteering for the Cheverly Day Committee.
Planning Board Report

CM Eldridge the Cheverly Planning Board is next Tuesday at 7:30.  So, swing by after the Street Meet.  This is a slower time so there will be updates of projects around the Town.  There will be input on tonight’s SHA meeting

Citizen Input

Mr. Norm Oslik here tonight representing Progressive Cheverly and the organization has issued a statement strongly opposed the actions of the US Government by pulling out of the Paris climate initiative.  It is not time for despair, but time for every community of every size to step-up and contribute to address the problem.  Individuals can also do a lot of things to save energy.  I am here to urge the Town to build on all the things we have done in the past and look specifically to putting together a long-term green plan.  Copies of statement distributed.

Mr. Fred Price, Jr. I want to invite you to the Junetenth Celebration at Walker Mill Rec Center beginning at 9am.  On June 19th 2 years after the Civil War ended the slaves in Texas found that they were free.  This is a celebration of that event.

Discussion of Concrete Plant on Kenilworth Avenue

Mayor Bladensburg and Ernest Maier have a paving plant and want to add a concrete batching plant.  A group of citizens in Bladensburg have taken a position against.  The Town Council has taken a position of support with conditions.  As far as our position on this matter we should consider that it is a different municipality and we take a position on this cautiously.  Without the statement from the Town of Bladensburg it is hard to go further with this matter.

CM Riazi One if we are waiting for the Zoning Hearing Examiner, will that preserve our standing?  The other thing is to continue to reach out to the Town of Bladensburg Mayor and Council that we continue to share our shared concerns.  

Mayor I will do both of those activities.

CM Eldridge I do respect the sovereignty of Bladensburg, but this is our downtown in the area and I am very interested to see what is in those conditions.  The devil will be in the details in the manufacturing process.  I still want to be sure that we have an opportunity to weigh in if we have to avail ourselves of it.

Mayor maybe an activity for the Planning Board could be to look at whether this could be entirely enclosed as promised on Sheriff Road.  We should push a rational and reasonable position that does not impede future development.

Madeline Gold I want to urge very strongly that the Council take a position against the plant.  How can we not.  We were on the forefront of fighting the concrete plant on Sheriff Road and we have to recognize that this is very serious.  Their current plant is a safety disaster.  If you look at what they are doing right now is terrible.  I mean seriously folks.  Let them try to put a plant in Potomac or Bethesda.  We need less industry not more.  The Bladensburg Waterfront is just down the street.  I don’t trust the fact that what is in conditions are ever done.  I really do feel that the Council should take a stand and we have a right to protect the citizens of the community.

Mayor please set-aside the 19th to discuss this matter if necessary.

Public Hearing – Constant Yield Tax Rate

Mayor declared the public hearing open.

Mr. Warrington this is the Public Hearing for the Constant Yield Tax Rate as required by the State of Maryland.  This is an opportunity and requirement that the Town alert and allow citizens to participate in the setting of the tax rate.  If the Mayor and Council left the rate as is, then the Town would realize about $250,000 more in tax revenue because of the increase in assessments.  The Mayor and Council have chosen to reduce the tax rate by 2 cents, which has the net result of increasing the revenue to the Town to about $125,000 over the “Constant Yield.”  In order to keep the amount of revenue realized by the Town to the same amount as last year, the Mayor and Council would have to set the rate at .52 cents rather than the proposed .54 cents.

Mayor this has been in the Newsletter and discussed over months.  With no other comments, I declare the hearing closed.

Second Reading O-2-17 Amending the Personnel Section -Military Leave

Mr. Warrington this is the Second Reading of this Ordinance.  In our policy and procedures for military duty we are in full compliance with Federal regulations.  However our Code is not and this amendment to our Code will bring us into full compliance with the Federal Law regarding compensation when either on active duty, reserves or National Guard training.  It will have three readings and be up for adoption in July.

Adoption O-B-17 Adoption of the FY18 Budget and C.I.P.

Mayor I have gone into a long harangue during the past two Town Meetings and I am not going to do that again.  We are in great financial position and this will allow us to make enhancements that we have put off.  There are enhancements being made for the future like the planning for a new Public Works building.  We are doing a good job of making sure we can take care of today and years out.  We have a fund balance that allows us to seize the opportunity to enhance the community.  Read the Newsletter for details.

CM Eldridge we have had tight times in the past and I want to commend town staff for helping us through the tough times.  The Town was able to go through that relatively smoothly and fortunately we survived.  This is the time to invest in our community and people move here for the community and it is time to improve the aesthetics of the Town, the dog park and Kilmer Street.  I am excited to being able to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.  We now have a rainy day fund and we can get involved with very exciting things to come.  I am in support of this budget.

CM Riazi we had to not increase salaries froze positions, deferred maintenance and having to increase the tax rate to take care of the basic Town needs.  Our Staff took these cuts with a great attitude.  It took a lot to get us to this point and now perhaps we can do more.  There are a lot of things in the works.

  • CM Riazi to adopt O-B-17 adopting FY18 Budget and Capital Improvement Program. Seconded CM Ivey.  Approved 6-0.
Adoption R-7-17 Declaration of Surplus Property

Mr. Warrington again this is a state requirement as we are about to close-out our bond that made the Fontana project possible.  When we close these 20 year bonds, we will deed over the 6.5 acres for a dollar as we agreed in 1997.  We will now be collecting taxes since we will no longer be the owner and it will go into private ownership.  This is the beginning of the process, which hopefully will be completed in July.

CM Riazi can you expand on this cutting edge idea and can we have a photo opportunity at the conclusion of this project.

Mr. Warrington we do want to memorialize this project.  It was a public-private partnership and the Town and the Town created an Urban Renewal Plan.  We started by getting the authority from the legislature for eminent domain.  We put out an RFP and joined with Fontana Lithograph and it went from a $1 million dollar flip to a $2.6 million dollar redevelopment project.  We have worked together with Joe for 20 years and we won State and National awards.

CM Ivey Do you know how much in additional revenue we will be receiving?

Mr. Warrington it will be about 25-30,000 dollars in real estate taxes.  We have been receiving tangible personal property taxes on a 10 year, 10% per year incremental increase for the first 10 years and this year we got about $150,000 in tangible personal property taxes.  So, in year one the 10% was 10% more than 0 that we earned for the previous 15 years prior.

  • CM Eldridge to adopt R-7-17 declaring Town of Cheverly surplus property. Seconded CM MacKenzie.  Approved 6-0.
Introduction CAR-1-17 Annexation – 6301 Kilmer Street

Mr. Warrington this is the introduction of the future park into the corporate limits.  We will pass it at the next meeting and then there will be a 45 day waiting period.  We thought it was 1.33 acres, but it was 2.14 acres.  Mr. Torres is in the final stages to get ready to get it open and hopefully it will be soon.  Once in it will be in the Town and a new map will be in the lobby in the fall.
Authorization Cooperative Agreement

Mr. Warrington this is a three year cooperative agreement that the County offers municipalities to participate in for CDBG and HOME federal funding.  Although we do not qualify via census tract to participate because we do not have low income census tracts, which is the qualifier, our signing this agreement allow the County to include our population in their numbers.  This increases the amount of federal monies coming to the County for low income area improvements.  So, by authorizing this agreement we are helping bring more federal funds into neighboring low income qualified areas.  If we didn’t sign, it would just be money lost to these qualifying areas.  We have on rare occasions, been able to take advantage of this funding to rebuild the bridge on 64th Avenue because it is access to public transportation for folks in the outlying low income levels.  

CM MacKenzie is the area outside of Cheverly near the apartments in a qualifying census tract.

Mr. Warrington no, but I will double check.

  • CM Ivey to authorize the Cooperative Agreement with the County regarding CDBG. Seconded CM Garcia.  Approved 6-0.
Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Stewart at Cheverly United Methodist Church on July 17- July 21st in the evenings and you can go to to sign-up and register.  I want to remind Cheverly that they are seen and heard.

CM MacKenzie I wanted to say that we had a great Farmer’s Market last weekend and that we are having a pop-up library at each Farmer’s Market, so please come.  There is storytime at 10 am and they are bringing children and adult books to check out.  You can return your books there as well.  The next market is the 17th

CM Eldridge a reminder about the Street Meet on Tuesday at Gast Park.  Also, heads-up schools are closed so there are a lot more kids on the street so drive carefully and slow down.

Cm Riazi I want to bring-up bees and mosquitoes in town.  Be careful what you are spraying to control weeds because it may harm the bee population.  There is a news and announcements regarding mosquitoes spraying.  

CM Ivy we did have a member of our community pass away, Mr. David Watkins.  He was there for a large segment of Cheverly and worked with United Cheverly Methodist Church.  My condolences to the Watkin’s family.

CM Garcia I want to mention that there was debris from the Fireworks and how close they are and could they push the fireworks further down the field.

Mayor There has to be a certain distance from Route 50 and this year was incredibly unique in that the wind was blowing west and very hard.  We will look at it as we go forward and there is only so far we can go.  Finally, the Worksession agenda is: a tree inventory and street trees and Councilmember’s role (July), Position Description, Discussion on Traffic Engineer, MML Objectives, CM Garcia agreed to represent the Town in the MML Parade, Climate Statement (July), Oil Recycling Site, Craftsman Update, Homing Pigeons.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
June 8, 2017
  • CM Riazi to adopt O-B-17 adopting FY18 Budget and Capital Improvement Program. Seconded CM Ivey.  Approved 6-0.
  • CM Eldridge to adopt R-7-17 declaring Town of Cheverly surplus property. Seconded CM MacKenzie.  Approved 6-0.
  • CM Ivey to authorize the Cooperative Agreement with the County regarding CDBG. Seconded CM Garcia.  Approved 6-0.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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