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July 13, 2017 Town Meeting

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
    July 13, 2017

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs, Riazi, Ivey, Eldridge, Garcia, Stewart and MacKenzie

Pledge of Allegiance


Mr. Warrington added approval of Cooperation Agreement with Prince George’s County.

Minutes – Special Meeting     6/5/17

Minutes – Town Meeting        6/8/17

Minutes – Special Meeting     6/19/17

Minutes – Worksession         6/22/17

•     CM Eldridge to excuse CM Riazi from the 6/19 and 6/22 meetings. Seconded CM MacKenzie.  Approved 6-0.

Chief’s Report

Chief Robshaw our number of incidents are down for the year overall, but we did have 3 robberies in the month of June.  One was at the Walgreens and another was the robbery of a Town employee while working on Cheverly Avenue.  The third was a robbery at Fratelli’s Restaurant during a late night event.  The County has had 12 homicides in the past 2 weeks and we are keeping an eye on whether the influx of County patrols may push crime into our Town.  Our traffic enforcement has increased trying to protect pedestrians on Columbia Park Road.  I am not convinced what the County did solved anything, but rather just pushed it onto the State portion of the bridge.  I want to thank everyone who attended the Street Meet in old ward 4.  They did get to see the Cheverly Police in action as a tow truck driver ran a stop sign with 5 police officers on the corner.  The stop resulted in 3 arrests as there was marijuana in the truck and in the car they were towing.  Also, the three occupants were convicted felons and were arrested because there was a handgun in the truck with the serial number filed-off.  A convicted felon can never be in possession of a handgun as that is a mandatory prison sentence.  

CM Stewart is the issue with the County changing the traffic pattern on Columbia Park Road an issue of people having to get used to the new pattern or something wrong with the pattern?  With the additional police working longer shifts in the County, will it affect our shifts?

Chief Robshaw I will give you my personal opinion.  The old pattern helped people get into the Metro, but the problem now as you can go straight, the two lanes now have to merge together just a few yards ahead.  So, it has not solved the overall problem.  Our guys now work 12 hours shifts, so I cannot extend their hours and allow them to get the amount of rest that is required.  

Mayor I will follow-up with SHA because they told me at MML that their SWAT Team would look at our problem. Are there problems over at D’Ranch?

Chief Robshaw every week at D’Ranch, but it is out of our jurisdiction.  We patrol our side often.

Town Administrator’s Report

Mr. Warrington if you live on Lake you know we are paving and we should be paving tomorrow.  We have on order a camera to aid us in preventing the dumping of hazardous waste at the Public Works facility.  We will be issuing fines.  We are preparing for bid for the entrance sign at Carlyle Street as we are busy ticking items off our FY18 CIP.  

CM Eldridge what can residents do with unused paint?  Have we ever organized a household town wide paint thing?

Mr. Warrington if it is latex paint, you should pop the top and allow it to dry-out and then just through it in with your regular trash.  If it is oil based paint, you have to treat it as hazardous waste and take it to the Brown Station Landfill just up Landover Road.  The reason we can’t collect is because we cannot transport hazardous waste as we are not licensed for such an operation from DOT.  To do a collection here and hire a hazardous waste hauler to go 8 miles up the road.

Mayor what is happening today and tomorrow?

Mr. Warrington we were successful in paying off the Fontana Bonds today.  We are going to go to settlement tomorrow and transfer title from the Town to Fontana and they will now be on our real estate property tax rolls.  

CM Stewart can you give us an overview of this project for those who may not know the background and history.

Mr. Warrington explained how the project came about and its 20 year history and how it was a success story.

Recreation Council

No report.      

Green Infrastructure Committee

No report.

CM Eldridge Dave Kneipp submitted a small grant for stormwater management at Boyd Park.

Mayor yes and Public Works has a grant in Boyd Park and has been working with the consultants to address water quality entering the Lower Beaver Dam Creek.  

CM Riazi Ms. Dambrowski put a great deal of work and her work in and out of Cheverly was recognized as an Anacostia Hero and recognized by the Sierra Club.

Mayor Marian is responsible for the work being performed on Lombard Street as she got a local grant and is working on the water drainage.

Cheverly Day Committee

Mayor September will be our first kick-off meeting and we really need to expand the bandwidth of our volunteer base.
Planning Board Report

CM Eldridge the Cheverly Planning Board was Tuesday and we discussed the concrete batching plant in Bladensburg and some conditions regarding that project.  We discussed the County Zoning re-write.  There will be a Town Hall meeting to see where the County is at in this process in Upper Marlboro and you will have to sign-up to provide your input.  

Citizen Input

Ms. I have a recycling question and I wondered if there is any collection for Styrofoam?

Mr. Warrington the recycling center does not accept Styrofoam, so we don’t collect it because we have nowhere to deliver it and be cost effective.  We will look into it and see if things have changed.

Adoption O-2-17 Amending the Personnel Section -Military Leave

Mr. Warrington this is the adoption time for this Ordinance.  In our policy and procedures for military duty we are in full compliance with Federal regulations.  However our Code is not and this amendment to our Code will bring us into full compliance with the Federal Law regarding compensation when either on active duty, reserves or National Guard training.  This means that no one is penalized or loses money for serving in the military while employed in Cheverly.

  • CM Stewart to adopt O-2-17 adopting amending the personnel section. Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 6-0.
Adoption CAR-1-17 Annexation – 6301 Kilmer Street

Mr. Warrington this is the introduction of the future park into the corporate limits.  We will pass it at the next meeting and then there will be a 45 day waiting period.  We thought it was 1.33 acres, but it was 2.14 acres.  Once passed and effective, our police will now have jurisdiction.

  • CM Riazi to adopt CAR-1-17 Annexation of 6301 Kilmer Street. Seconded CM Ivey.  Approved 6-0.
Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Riazi this Tuesday July 18th there will be a screening at Busboys and Poets on planning the entirety of our lives including the end of our lives.  There is a lost black and white Boston Terrier from behind St. Ambrose and the family is very concerned.

CM Stewart I encourage all to get out to the Street Meets.  Vacation Bible School is next week M-F 6to 8 at CUMC and we are looking for volunteers.  You can contact me at my personal email which is

CM Garcia myself and Councilmember Stewart are planning an ice cream social at the apartments on August 19th from 1-3 around the pool area.  

CM MacKenzie the library at the market was very successful.  I had a great meeting with the person working with Craftsman and if you are an entrepreneur then contact me and we will work with you.

Mayor please read your Newsletter and it is also on line and has a lot of information.  Finally, the Worksession agenda is:  Chief will be giving a presentation and I am asking for questions in advance, there will be a Climate Proclamation, Discussion of Trust City Initiative, Feral Cats, Conditions for Concrete Plant, Position Description and I need Council input and a closed portion of the meeting for property and personnel.  Oh, we will talk about a Council retreat.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
July 13, 2017
  • CM Eldridge to excuse CM Riazi from the 6/19 and 6/22 meetings. Seconded CM MacKenzie.  Approved 6-0.
  • CM Stewart to adopt O-2-17 adopting amending the personnel section. Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 6-0.                                                                                                                                                                                                           3. CM Riazi to adopt CAR-1-17 Annexation of 6301 Kilmer Street. Seconded CM Ivey.  Approved 6-0.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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