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November 9, 2017 Town Meeting

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
                                                        November 9, 2017

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs, Riazi, Ivey, Garcia, Stewart and MacKenzie

Pledge of Allegiance


Mayor we are going to add a discussion of CR-84-2017 as 7.5.

Minutes – Town Meeting        10/12/17

Minutes – Worksession         10/26/17

  • CM Ivey to excuse CM Eldridge from the meeting. Seconded CM Garcia.  Approved 5-0.
Chief’s Report

Chief Robshaw a few things.  Halloween traffic flow was much better in past years and there didn’t seem to be as many people.  We had more burglaries in the last two months than we have in the rest of the year.  We are not the only one experiencing this and we are working with other agencies as this is a regional problem.  There will be a crime meeting on the 15th at 7pm since we are moving indoors in lieu of street meets.  I am requesting that everyone lock their doors and windows as many of these burglaries have not been forced entries.  We will do a crime prevention inspection of your home at no cost.  In previous years we have done Shop with a Cop, but we are starting a new program that will benefit 10 families.  We have a no shave month for contributions to this program of Cops, Kids and Families in Cheverly.  Some of our business partners have agreed to donate in order to have a party.  It is a good thing for us and the community and CM Riazi is helping us identify the families.  

Mayor I would like to put out a News and Announcements for those two things.  Just leave me the agenda.  Cheverly Cops, Kids and Family needs and announcement as well.

CM Stewart do you have any reasons regarding the uptick in burglaries?

Chief Robshaw the last time I saw this it was a particular group of crimes, we caught the perpetrators and it all stopped and this may be the case.

Town Administrator’s Report

Mr. Warrington shocker, there is no heat in the gym.  We went to turn on our heat and a thermo-coupler burned-out and shut the gas down.  Washington Gas is scheduled to come out on Monday and turn the gas back on.  We finished our audit the Mayor and Council got a copy tonight and we will analyze it in the future.  I ask that everyone provide me questions as soon as possible.  The good news is that it is good news.  We are in excellent financial shape.

Recreation Council

Barbara Pejokovich on Saturday, December 2nd we will be having our Holiday Party.  It starts at 11am and we will have puppeteers.  We had almost 200 children for the Halloween Party.  We were missing volunteers as there were only 3 of us, which is impossible for us to handle this.  If we don’t get help, the Recreation Council cannot continue.  We hope some teenagers will help to get service hours for school.

Mayor please send me a note in a week in advance to get out a News and Announcements to trigger an event.

Green Infrastructure Committee

Ms. Salo walk Cheverly’s natural areas.  We heard from many that have enjoyed our natural areas.  Send your letters of support to the Clerk of the Council to save our natural area.  Come out on November 25th at 10am to enjoy the dedication of a garden in honor of Ken Furnkrantz.  

Cheverly Day Committee

Mayor send me a note and volunteer.  It is the third Saturday in May.  
Planning Board Report

Mayor next Tuesday at 7:30 they will be working on our Cheverly Sector Plan letter.

Citizen Input

Mr. Dan Smith on the 25th on the trail at 10 am for a dedication of a garden to Ken Furnkrantz.

CR-84-2017 Amending the Cheverly Sector Plan

Mayor I will give a brief prelim on this matter.  The County Council had a hearing on Monday to include the Magruder Spring woods into the core of the Sector Plan, which would allow it to be developed.  We had 275 people in the room and it was an impressive showing.  November 21st is the due date for submitting your personal testimony.  On December 7th at 10 am the Planning Board will have a hearing to discuss all the input.  The Planning Board’s recommendation is then sent to the District Council and they can make a decision on January 23rd.  We will remind people of these dates.  This is just the first round in a very long battle.  Mayor read a letter to be sent regarding CR-84-2017 for consideration.

  • CM Riazi to send the letter to the Land Acquisition division with minor edits. Seconded CM Stewart.  Approved 5-0.
Mr. Schachter my suggestion is that the Town consider purchasing the private owner for fair market value of the resident who owns three lots.

Mr. Smith thanks to the citizens and the Council for their efforts on this matter.  We may ask the owners to donate their property to us. We will have a table during the Cheverly Market Day to encourage letter writing.

Mayor we will be seeking that the County donate the surplus property to the Town.

Introduction O-1-18 Non-Intervention Ordinance

CM Ivey this bill was brought to me while I was on the campaign trail by someone who lives near me.  This Ordinance is not perfect and doesn’t go as far as I want to go, but it is a good start.  We should put it in our Code to protect the vulnerable.  

Ms. Madeline Golde 3020 Parkway and I am here representing the Executive Committee of Progressive Cheverly and we are in support of this Ordinance.  It is important for our immigrant neighbors and residents and that our Cheverly Police will take no action regarding their immigration status.

Mr. Joel Lange this is the first time I have addressed my Town Council because I feel strongly about this.  I encourage you all to vote for this Ordinance.  I know there is risk in doing so, but I think it is time to embrace this risk.  

Mr. Lee Schachter 10 Cheverly Circle and an 18 year veteran of the Council and I always took the position that the Town not get involved in political issues of National concern.  I am opposed to this Ordinance because to the best to my knowledge that what it prohibits has never been done by the Cheverly Police Department or other Town officials.  This Ordinance does not apply to people who enter the country illegally, because that is a crime and criminal behavior is excluded from this ordinance.  People who enter legally and then overstay their time allotted then Cheverly is sending a message for violating the law civilly.  This is anything but non-intervention.

Mr. Curt Stand Belleview Avenue and I support this because I grew-up in New York with immigrants.  People live with an amount of fear.  If this helps massage fear then that will be good.

Ms. Megan Ornesa 2803 63rd Place.  I work in immigration and I can help answer people’s questions.  My husband’s family are undocumented and I care about undocumented people in this community.  I don’t think we get any Federal funding so this policy doesn’t violate the Federal Law.  

Ms. Joyce Lange Forest Road and I would like to offer my support for this Ordinance.  Could we have avoided the second world war if more people had stood up and said this is wrong.  Could we have avoided the Civil War if more people had said slavery was wrong.

Delegate Carlos Sanchez the Maryland Trust Act did get passed out of the house, but was not passed.  50-70,000 Marylanders could fall under the civil deportation status and individuals can move to Cheverly and be safe.  My parents were undocumented immigrants and it wasn’t until after I was born here in the United States that they got legal status.  People need to feel safe to allow them to contact the police and not be in fear.

CM MacKenzie I worked in immigration on the hill.  The system is broken and I think this is the first step of many to lay the groundwork for many other things to move forward toward protecting the most vulnerable in the Town.  

CM Garcia I am Hispanic and I am for this Ordinance.  You shouldn’t have to live in fear.  We come here to this country to live a good life not the life in our countries.  

CM Riazi I am a first generation immigrant.  Unfortunately, I know what it is to be targeted to be afraid both directly and with my family.  I do support this effort 100% and I appreciate that we are taking this through the 3 reading process to allow input.  This allows us to look at all aspects of what we do and operate.  

CM Stewart I want to be clear that there may be an illusion of division among us, but all of us are in support.  I am excited about this process and offering a meaningful ordinance.

Mayor I want to say about process.  Something like this is particularly complicated and we needed to understand existing Federal law meant that the Council had to be deliberate and thoughtful.  Our staff needs clear direction and this process will provide that needed guidance and we will have two more months for input in this process.

CM Riazi read a statement submitted by CM Eldridge.

Adoption – Resolution R-8-17 Climate Change

CM Riazi this of a resolution talks about what our community has done to support and regenerate our environment.  This resolution provides a history of Cheverly supporting our green infrastructure and to continue to do practices along those lines. It recognizes the leadership of our community and how we make sure that we do everything we can in our budgetary considerations and moving us forward. It also recognizes climate change and what we can do to carry on our practices. It also talks about promoting actions to continue to work to benefit our environment.  I noticed two things that I would like to add without going back to a first reader regarding Magruder Spring and a tense omission.  

  • CM Riazi to adopt R-8-17 to regarding Climate Change as modified. Seconded CM MacKenzie.  Approved 5-0.
Mayor and Council Announcements

CM MacKenzie there is a working group to implement the Resolution we just passed and Progressive Cheverly is pulling together some proposals.  The Community Market will be November 18th and there is a lot going on there and everyone should show-up. The last day to buy a Christmas tree is November 14th go to the website.  If you want to work on feral cats please email me.

CM Ivey the Cheverly American Legion has a program to help needy veterans and you can go to or contact Joseph Pruden to let you know what you can do.  

CM Riazi Cheverly Village just celebrated its first anniversary, which assists seniors to stay in the community and age in motion.  It has a sliding scale membership fee that provides supportive services.  December 1st please come and join us for Cheverly Caring and Sharing.  We will have cider and fresh gingerbread cookies.  Please come and celebrate.  We will have tree lighting at Legion Park and will have a Yule Log.  Please bring non-perishable goods for our local pantries.  

CM Stewart the Cheverly United Methodist Church will be celebrating its 75th anniversary and we will be having a Gala on November 18th at 6pm and the price is 42 dollars as the church was chartered in 1942.  You can buy a ticket at the door.  Please come out and celebrate with us.

Mayor We have a direction with the owner of Craftsman to allow for the construction of a bike path to allow residents to pass through the industrial park to get to the Anacostia Trail. The upcoming Worksession agenda on the 16th includes: Playground Initiative, amending the speed hump section, a traffic briefing of Carlyle and 59th where a speed hump has been requested, a traffic briefing on Crest where a speed hump has been requested, Position Description, amending our park ordinance.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
November 9, 2017
  • CM Ivey to excuse CM Eldridge from the meeting. Seconded CM Garcia.  Approved 5-0.
  • CM Riazi to send the letter to the Land Acquisition division with minor edits. Seconded CM Stewart .  Approved 5-0.
  • CM Riazi to adopt R-8-17 to regarding Climate Change as modified. Seconded CM MacKenzie.  Approved 5-0

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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