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April 13, 2017 Town Meeting

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
    April 13, 2017

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs, Riazi, Coolen, Eldridge, Stewart and Daly

Pledge of Allegiance


Mayor we will make the Grant Request from the Woman’s Club 6a

Minutes – Town Meeting        3/9/17

Minutes – Worksession         3/23/17

  • CM Daly to excuse CM Riazi and CM Eldridge. Seconded CM Rodgers.  Approved 4-0.
Chief’s Report

Mayor the Chief is in training, but I want to read a portion of a citation for our low crime numbers for 2016.

Town Administrator’s Report

Mr. Warrington we did get our razing permit and we should be taking the building down in the next 10 days or so at 6301 Kilmer Street.  Mulch is available.
Recreation Council

CM Coolen the Easter Egg hunt will be this Saturday up to age 9 at 11am this Saturday.  Bring a basket or bag and your camera.  

Green Infrastructure Committee

Ms. Salo Cheverly Day photo contest will feature our waterways, springs and wetlands. How would you represent our waterways in a photo? Include water or water based life.  Complete rules are on the website.  Check out the photo contest section at  All photos will be on display on Cheverly Day.  Join us for a final stream tour.  On April 15th we will meet at the Woodworth Park at 10 am at 1pm we will explore tributary 3.  On Earth Day there will be a wildlife and nature walk at Watkins Park.

Cheverly Day Committee

CM Daly Cheverly Day is May 20th and it is a parade year starting at 10 and the application form is online.  There will be a midway and east-west softball game.  We are still looking for volunteers. We will have laser tag, corn-hole and horseshoes.  The forms will be available on  and you can send an email to There is information on ChevProm on the website as well.  

Mayor we will also have bubble soccer.  
Planning Board Report

CM Eldridge the Cheverly Sector Plan final comments were prepared for MNCPPC.  The Sector Plan looks at the future of the hospital and all the different areas around Cheverly.  MNPPC has been a great partner working with us. Get involved and thanks to all the people who provided great comments to the document

Grant Request from the Cheverly Woman’s Club

Ms. Lange we have been sponsoring the Candidate’s Forum for many years and this years.  We focus on raising money for Peace Camp now.  So, we don’t want to spend Peace Camp money for refreshments.  We have a woman who is starting a business called Coleman’s Kitchen and she is willing to work with us in terms of costs.  Originally it was $395 and now down to $250 and we are seeking a grant for refreshments in the amount of $250.  

CM Eldridge I am curious as to whether this is still a little much given attendance.

Ms. Lange we could work with $200.  We are counting on 50 ish and that may be a little high.

CM Riazi as a grant, I am okay with this, but if it was being turned over to the Council, we would go through a different process.

  • CM Stewart to make a motion that we accept the Cheverly Woman’s Club grant request for $250 for refreshments at the Candidate’s Forum. Seconded CM Riazi.  A friendly amendment was offered and accepted to set the amount as up to $200.  Approved 5-0.
Ms. Lange I want to remind everyone that May is Peace Month and please let me know if you want to place something on the calendar.

Citizen Input

Mr. Lucas Winston Cheverly has a problem with speeding and not stopping at the Stop signs.  We need to get Cheverly residents to obey the traffic laws in Town.  

Introduction of the FY18 Operating Budget and C.I.P.

Mr. Warrington I want to begin by saying that the good news is that our expenditures were less than expected.  The good news is that our revenues were more than expected.  The major contributing factor to the expenditures is that we were never fully staffed during the past year.  We have had vacancies that we are constantly attempting to fill.  We fund these positions in the hopes that we will be fully staffed and when we are not, we do not expend the funds budgeted.  The Town has also seen a reduction in the anticipated expenditures for Workers Compensation Insurance, which is a direct result of a concerted effort to work safer.  The Town also saw a 0% increase last year in its healthcare costs, but had budgeted for an anticipated increase.  The Town also received a larger amount of red light camera fines than was anticipated.  The FY18 Budget includes purchase of replacement vehicles for the Police Department and the Public Works Department.  The FY18 Budget also includes some infrastructure repairs to Town Park to alleviate the flooding situation in the Public Works facility.  The Town must make its annual bond payment for the Cheverly Police Department, which should be paid off in 2021.  The Town has funded for construction drawings for the new and improved Public Works Facility in FY18.
We have a beautification Capital Improvement expenditure to replace the wooden entrance sign at the end of Carlyle Street with a concrete imprinted sign that we have installed at the entrance to Ward 4 off of Marblewood Lane.  We have budgeted for the repaving of Lake Avenue from Kilmer to Benton.  Also, budgeted is a replacement of the front office air conditioning system, which was hit-or-miss during July and August last year.  The Program Open Space funds for FY18 will be the removal of the tennis courts, and relocation of the basketball courts at Town Park and the creation of a multi-use court.  Also, the repair of the front gate at the entrance to Kilmer Street Park.  The Department of Public Works will be purchasing two new propane mowers.  The Police will be purchasing another License Plate Reader.    

Mayor thank you for that presentation on the Budget.  I would like to note that our current tax rate is 56 cents, which we lowered last year from 58 cents.  The reason we raised the tax rate a few years ago was because of the drop in property assessments.  We raised taxes just to keep the revenue the same to continue to operate the same.  Although the rate went up, you taxes paid usually did not because your assessment went down.  When the overall assessments started moving back-up, we reduced the tax rate to keep your taxes from increasing as your assessment has been increasing.  The Constant Yield Tax Rate necessary for FY18 in order to keep revenues constant is .52 cents and our tax rate is currently .56 cents.  We will be discussing the budget over the next few months, so we look forward to your input.  We will wrap it up in May and will be adopting the budget in June.

CM Eldridge I wanted add that our town was very effective at stretching limited resources to keep up with the Town’s basic needs when assessments were lower.  However, we also had to forgo investing in some improvements.  Now, we have an opportunity to invest more back into the community, and in turn enhance the quality of life and property values.

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Riazi trees, speeding, ivy and stop signs.  Trees are still available so call Public Works and we will plant a tree in your yard for free.  Ivy is killing trees in town so please remove it in order to save the trees.  Please control your speed and stop at all stop signs.   

CM Stewart two quick ones in that last weekend was a story telling weekend.  I had the honor of attending Ms. Thelma Boyd-Nash’s story telling event and I attended the refugee story telling event at the United Methodist.  We just finished shout at United Methodist, which is a social justice group.  We will be starting-up another series of conversations called the multi-ethnic conversations in the next couple weeks or so.  

Mayor we the Council have reached out to the people who bought the Craftsman building and are in discussions with them to bring a community friendly operation to that site.  There will be more about what may come there in a future Newsletter.  The Worksession agenda is: there will be a Pepco conversation, Columbia Park Road update as our police have been working to get improvements in that area, we will talk about the Law Enforcement Officers Pension System, discussion of a traffic engineer to look at traffic in and around the two schools in a holistic view and we will talk about the upcoming budget.

Mayor This is Councilmember Coolen’s last Town Meeting as she is not running for re-election.  She has been a strong representative for the residents of Ward 2, and has been a dedicated advocate for the Town.  We thank her for her service and whish her luck in her next adventures.

CM Riazi to go into Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter. Seconded CM Coolen .   Approved 5-0 by roll call vote.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
April 13, 2017
1.  CM Stewart to make a motion that we accept the Cheverly Woman’s Club grant request for $250 for refreshments at the Candidate’s Forum. Seconded CM Riazi.  A friendly amendment was offered and accepted to set the amount as up to $200.  Approved 5-0.
2.  CM Riazi to go into Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter. Seconded CM Coolen .   Approved 5-0 by roll call vote.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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