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December 8, 2011 Meeting Minutes
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
December 8, 2011

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs Riazi, Coolen, Cook and Thorpe.

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes – Town Meeting 11/13/11
Approved as written.

Minutes – Worksession 11/27/11
Approved as written.

Town Administrator Report

Mr. Warrington we are still collecting leaves.  We hope to have them collected prior to snow.  We are hoping to get 63rd paved, but we are looking for some nice weather in order to pave.

CM Cook when will you conclude leaf collection.  Mr. Warrington we should make an announcement in February when we are done and only bagged leaves will be collected.

Mayor has the new leaf machine rapidly improved our leaf collection operations.  Mr. Warrington I have not asked Juan, but I don’t know whether it is more efficient.

Police Department Report

Chief Robshaw good news again! This November is the second lowest number of incidents since we started keeping records.  We had a burglary that was recorded by a home security.  Our website has suspect photos and I encourage you to go to our website and look at them.  Last Saturday we participated in the Shop with a Cop program.  We took 10 children with $100 gift certificates that were chosen by the school system.  We thank the Mayor and Council for expanding the program and we hope to expand it next year.  We purchased a vehicle for the police department, which was made from the police forfeiture, so anyone who wants to make a donation of a vehicle please note that it does not go unappreciated.  

Committee Reports

Recreation Council no report.

Cheverly Day CM Thorpe noted we are still looking for someone to handle the race.  CM Coolen I have spoken to my friend and the answer is yes.

Green Infrastructure Report, Mayor will handle.

Citizen Input

Ms. Patricia King 5900 Forest Road, Ward 2.  I sent a copy of a complaint this afternoon to the Mayor and Council.  I have overall concerns.  My experience with the Cheverly Police Force have always been positive up until this incident.  Unfortunately, I think there are some elements to be examined.  My first concern is the complaint procedure itself. I assumed I would pick-up a complaint form from the front offices, but found I had to pick it up at the Police Department and turned back into the Police Department.  This is a disincentive.  Second, there is no procedure as to what was going to happen to my complaint.  Another question I have is what is the hierarchical structure of the police force and what is the civilian oversight?  The other issue I have is how are our officers trained in community policing skills and what is the ongoing training and performance requirements?  The last thing comes from a conversation with a police officer and I am asking the Council to look at how to put together something to get police officers to live into the community itself.  Those are the four principal concerns: reviewing the complaint process itself, being able to know what the civilian oversight is, examining training and effectiveness of the community policing of our force and whether we can do something to integrate our public servants into our community.

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Riazi I will give a Green Infrastructure update.  The committee is working to convert the plan to workable projects.  CM Cook has been the first to step forward to have a Green Plan presentation at the December 15th meeting.  The green infrastructure committee is making themselves available to ward meetings.  
CM Coolen want to remind everyone that Saturday is the Holiday Farmer’s Market.  We will have a number of artisans along with the farmers.  The market is looking for a new market manager. The market has become a twice a month gathering, which keeps us in touch with one another.  I want to thank the Town Staff, all the volunteers and the Mayor.    

CM Riazi thanks to everyone who came out to the Holiday Tree Lighting. I wanted to thank fellow Councilmembers to make it happen.  We gathered an amazing amount of canned goods, which will help three food pantries.  Thanks for your generosity.  

Mayor I wanted to thank CM Riazi for doing such a wonderful job and it was a lot of fun.

CM Thorpe On January 7th our first Lego Robot League will be competing.  I thank all the parents for their input and help.  It will be held at the John’s Hopkins propulsion lab in Laurel.

Mayor this morning the State Ethics Board did not approve our current ethics requirements that puts our reporting requirements as the same as the Governor.  We were denied our appeal and we will now have to put something else in place.  I want to thank the Rec Council, Girl Scouts and Woman’s Club for the Santa Secret Shop and Holiday Party last Saturday.  There is a detailed site plan for Quincy Manor pill box buildings directly behind the Cheverly Theatre.  They want to put in a 4 story 125 unit we look for your comments.  Mosiac is a cooperative commercial project with the Town and this business in the community just gave $10,000 to the John’s Hopkins Children’s Cancer Research Center.  We hope to launch a new website by February 1st.

  • Motion CM Riazi to excuse CM Eldridge.  Seconded CM Coolen.  Approved 4-0
Adoption of Ordinance O-8-11 Amending the Spillage of Material on Streets

Mr. Warrington again we are looking for the vehicle that is really dumping fluids on the street.  We will not be looking for a drip or drop of oil here and there as part of our enforcement.  It is on our website and we are looking for the really egregious offenders.  With its passage, it will become effective 30 days from now.
  • Motion CM Coolen to adopt O-8-11 amending spillage of materials on Town streets .  Seconded CM Riazi.  Approved 4-0
Meeting adjourned.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
December 8, 2011

  • Motion CM Riazi to excuse CM Eldridge.  Seconded CM Coolen.  Approved 4-0
  • Motion CM Collen to adopt O-8-11 amending  spillage of materials on Town streets.  Seconded CM Riazi.  Approved 4-0.

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