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November 10, 2011 Meeting Minutes
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
November 10, 2011

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs Riazi Eldridge, Coolen, Cook and Thorpe.

Pledge of Allegiance


Mayor I am removing item number nine from the agenda as the representative from the State’s Attorneys office is sick and will not be able to attend.  We may move this item to December. During the Mayor’s announcement I will speak on speed cameras.

Minutes – Town Meeting 10/13/11
Approved as written.

Minutes – Worksession 10/27/11
Approved as written.

Town Administrator Report

Mr. Warrington we are working on the concrete work on 63rd.  Our goal is to get this work done by the end of next week and milling with paving to follow.  We will not mill the street unless we are able to pave, so we will be looking for a window of good weather to do that or we will wait until spring.  We are performing leaf collection and Mr. Torres is using his new leaf machine that came in today.  The two new police cars arrived this week also part of this budget.  Mr. Torres is hounding WSSC and the asphalt contractor to come back and put the speed humps back on Belleview.  

CM Eldridge as you said earlier, they are not going to mill 63rd unless they are going to be able to pave?  Mr. Warrington correct. CM Eldridge do you have a timeline for the traffic calming at Gast Park?  Mr. Warrington I have asked Mr. Torres to get something before the next Worksession.

CM Coolen I notice on Forest Road that there are white dashes and blue and green on the sidewalk area.  Could you tell me what they might be?  Mr. Warrington you will see them coming right up to this building.  The County’s contractor for the I-Net is getting ready to connect the Community Center and the schools in town to the County system.

Police Department Report

Chief Robshaw this is the end of the most difficult period of the year for us.  July, August, September and October we are very good with a significant reduction in crime.  The issues that have gone up in the past couple of months are property crimes like theft and vandalism.  Halloween went off without any problems.  Want to thank Wards 1,2,4 & 6 with Ward 3 coming in December for their ward meetings.  We have radios for the Cheverly Watch program and please call if you are interested.  

CM Eldridge do you see trends in the amount of speeding over the history of the speed camera program? Chief Robshaw we have seen speeding reduced where the speed cameras have been located and where they are not positioned the speed display has also brought speeding to the attention of motorists.  We are addressing the places where it is most problematic.  

Mayor regarding the speed monitor, can you publish the results as you move it in the monthly Newsletter?  Chief Robshaw we have a software package and will make that an aspect of our Newsletter.

Committee Reports

Recreation Council CM Riazi noted that December 3rd is the Secret Santa Shop and the Children can meet Santa and have some food.

Cheverly Day CM Thorpe noted we are looking for volunteers to put on the race, but so far no takers.

Green Infrastructure Report, Ms. Salo & Ms. Robinson noted that we have produced a summary that will appear in everyone’s mailbox in the next week or so.  I want to thank everyone that has been so helpful and supportive.  On November 19th from 9am to 1pm we will be having a launch of activities to move into the launch phase.  We will have a trail walk that day, a Cheverly IQ test, a green scavenger hunt and a Shred-It activity to shred documents.  We will be preparing proposals to put before the Town for consideration of inclusion in the upcoming budget.  We will also be working to be a Sustainable Community Certification.  CM Coolen has appointed Greg Tupper to work on the committee and if you are interested you can call or just come to a committee meeting.

Citizen Input

Ms. Sheila Salo from Greenleaf Road are they going to tear-up the sidewalks for the I-Net connect.  Mayor when the Town Administrator knows more he will get you an answer.

Ms. Jennifer Studdard from Euclid Street I am not irate, but I do want to thank you in trying to get a court date from Optotraffic.  I would like to say that if the Town of Cheverly did not think this was not a good contract, I would hope that the Town would share their experiences with the County who now has a contract for many more cameras with the County.

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Thorpe I have some sad news.  Ms. Robin McClain of State Street lost her home to a fire this week.  She is known as the cake lady and lost all her equipment.  If you would like to make a contribution of clothing or funds, she will accept your contributions.  Robin is a size 12 with an 8 shoe.  Her sister, who resides with her is a 3x and a size 9 wide shoe.  Any contributions can be made to Laila Price at 1709 62nd Avenue. Or you can call Joyce and Joel Lang at 301-773-2211.  Robin thanks you for the support so far.
CM Eldridge the Planning Board will be joining the Council at the December 1st Worksession to have a joint session.  They will be discussing an Envision Cheverly project.  GNS PTA will be starting their library core.  The PTA is augmenting the staffing shortage to check books in and out.  Every Wednesday morning at 8:15 it is open to the public and it is about a half hour of aerobic activity.  On the 16th there is a B-W Parkway widening feasibility study in Greenbelt.  On December 17th CPRC and the Working Moms will be holding a Holiday Party.

CM Coolen the Thanksgiving Community Market will be Saturday, November 19th from 9-1.  

CM Riazi the Holiday Tree Lighting is a Council driven event and this year we are gathering around a theme of caring and sharing.  It will start with us coming to the Community Center to bring non-perishable food and cards to the service members overseas and then we will all go to Legion Park for the tree lighting.  There will also be a Yule Log at Legion Park.  

Mayor we have a budget audit and we will go through the results on December 1st.  We will be accepting new Capital Projects for consideration in January.  We are getting many requests for speed humps throughout the town.  We are trying to get a uniform speed hump that allows you to go the speed limit without problems. We have been working with property standards to address Ameritech Tires, the dilapidated building on Annapolis Road and the Pesseo property on Marblewood Road all outside of town.  We have been fighting the concrete plant and the University of Maryland Environmental Center and their update has been no update, which is not bad news.  Aldi have had a number of set backs, but they are determined to open by December 15th.  The Worksession Agenda: Discussion on the Ethics Exemption, Streetlight request Ward 6, Approval for Grant Procedures, Audit, Speed Camera conversation and a Planning Board Review.

Mayor read Statement posted on the website regarding Speed Camera tickets.  Mayor reviewed a flow chart of the process.  Discussed the Town’s efforts to ensure accuracy as noted in the August 2010 Statement.  Mayor cited letter issued by Town Administrator and questioned elements. Mr. Warrington only two tickets passed Optotraffic’s test, but we reviewed the raw data to find these issues.  They did not send to us the speeding bicycle, but it was another day when we went back to the raw data.

CM Eldridge we have a new vendor and the experience so far? Mr. Warrington we chose this vendor because they use radar and we have been very pleased.  We actually listed our concerns prior to bringing them on board.

Adoption R-9-11 Sustainable Maryland Program

Mayor this is a Resolution to begin the process of becoming a Sustainable Maryland Community.

CM Eldridge this is a program from the University of Maryland and it is an exciting program.  I am also excited as the early adopters are from our immediate area.  I think by joining it further acknowledges our commitment to the Green Infrastructure Plan.

CM Riazi noted the second and third section of the Sustainable Community Resolution.

  • Motion CM Eldridge to adopt R-9-11 supporting participation in the Sustainable Maryland Certification Program.  Seconded CM Riazi.  Approved 5-0
Adoption Ordinance O-7-11 Amending Temporary Parking

Mr. Warrington this item is before you today for adopttion and contains a very minimal number of word changes to the current code.  It will allow the Town Administrator to set temporary no parking zones from 30 days to 150 days and includes the term Photo Enforcement Devices as an additional restricted area so that you can not park so as not to block the devices.  With our new speed cameras are portable even though they weigh 700 pounds and we need to declare No Parking zones throughout the Town.  Our goal will be to not inconvenience residents and position them, like they are now, where we do not need to declare any no parking areas.

  • Motion CM Riazi to adopt O-7-11 amending section 27-3, 27-4, 27-5 restricted parking.  Seconded CM Thorpe.  Approved 5-0
CM Riazi and we will have a temporary-permanent type sign for designation.

Second Reading of Ordinance O-8-11 Amending the Spillage of Material on Streets

Mr. Colaresi this is strictly a technical change that adds any fluids that can not be spilled on the Town streets and that can be harmful to the environment.

Mr. Warrington again we are looking for the vehicle that is really dumping fluids on the street.  We will not be looking for a drip or drop of oil here and there as part of our enforcement.
CM Eldridge I want to underscore what the Town Administrator just said that this is going after the really flagrant violations, not a drip of oil a month.

Meeting adjourned.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
November 10, 2011

1.      Motion CM Eldridge to adopt R-9-11 supporting participation in the Sustainable Maryland Certification Program.  Seconded CM Riazi.  Approved 5-0

2.      Motion CM Riazi to adopt O-7-11 amending section 27-3, 27-4, 27-5 restricted parking.  Seconded CM Thorpe.  Approved 5-0

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