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August 11, 2011 Town Meeting Minutes
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
August 11, 2011

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs Riazi Eldridge, Coolen, Cook and Thorpe.

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes – Town Meeting 7/14/11
Approved as written.

Minutes – Worksession 7/28/11
Approved as written.

Introduction Boy Scout Merit Badge Participants

Mayor I want to recognize Hector, Nick, Kevin and Charles.  The Boy Scouts asked some questions about Mosquito Spraying and mosquito prevention.

Town Administrator Report

Mr. Warrington reported that the test case for traffic channeling has been in the area of Gast Park and is now being tweeked because there is a waterline under that space and there were some problems with the turning radius.  We thank people for complying with the effort to correct peeling paint since January.  Mr. Torres has been a much better compliance with the rules and regulations of the Town by not putting yard waste out at any time and leaving it at the curb all week.  Mr. Torres has been issuing reminders and that seems to have worked.  The Town has two new speed cameras on Cheverly Avenue and they are more inconspicuous.  We ask you to comply with the speed limit especially with schools getting ready to open at the end of the month.

Town Attorney the Mayor has asked me to comment on the new State Ethics Law.  I would like to discuss this at the Worksession.  I am hoping to file for an exemption from the State law.  The issue is the fact that the financial reporting requirement for all elected officials is quite detailed.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense given what you control and deal with.  To get an exemption is to file for one, which extends the deadline.

CM Eldridge what is happening with the trailer mounted speed camera unit? Mr. Warrington we have not decided yet.

Mayor according to the Chief, you will only get one ticket and you will not get three tickets.

CM Riazi could you help outline the WSSC paving and repairs in Ward 1?  Mr. Warrington some I don’t know yet, but you may have to park on another street if they are installing a new driveway apron.  We expect them in 3 weeks and we are doing our numbers to see if it is an economy of scale to do our side of the street at the same time.  When we do a repaving we do inform Washington Gas and WSSC of the new paving.

Police Department Report

Chief Robshaw I graduated from the Police Academy in 1972 and here is a story from that time.  37 years later I find that partnership is very important between the police and the residents.  14 of our last 16 B&E’s have been closed with arrests and each of them has involved the help of our citizens.  We had 25 reported crimes in Cheverly last month and 18 of those crimes are preventable by locking their doors or removing items from view from their cars.  I can say that because we are committed to reducing crime.  There is one case that occurred on July 28th in the 5600 block of Columbia Park Road that we need the citizen’s help.  The three workers from a local bakery were approached by 2 black males in a robbery and one of the individuals was shot as a result.  We are at a dead end, but it appears that the suspects live in the old fourth ward area.  We have reason to believe that people know these suspects and we are offering a reward for information in this case.  I know there are people out there that have information.

CM Cook I have a concern about the amount of loitering at the CVS and is there anything that can be done about it?

Chief Robshaw   I should state that crime in that area has dropped 50% and some of that is from the change of ownership in the apartments and the non-renewal of some agreements.  There is also a reduction due to the Giant’s closing.  As far a loitering, this is a tough area given the laws on the books.  We have made 4 arrests in the area and 3 of them were persistent violators.  I should say that its not that we haven’t been looking at that, but we have been concentrating on violent crime over the last few months.  I can assure you that next month we will be concentrating on addressing this matter.

Mayor Callahan I think one of the items we have hanging with the Michael Corporation is the security in that shopping center and I think that includes security cameras.

CM Eldridge you mentioned that one of the challenges is the law.  Is that County or Municipal law?  Is there anything we can do to provide some clarity?

Chief Robshaw the courts are not that helpful when it comes to this matter.  They are not fond of taking someone’s liberty when it comes to this matter.  Mr. Colaresi I concur on this matter this is a very difficult area.

CM Thorpe is there anything we can do about vacant residences?  

Chief Robshaw our problem is finding someone regarding these properties to come forward and state that anyone in the vacant property is trespassing, thus allowing us to prosecute.

Mr. Warrington we treat every property the same.  We can’t force someone to sell or to live in a property.  We make them keep them up to code.  We have a property that has been vacant for 15 years, but we can’t force anyone to live in it.

CM Riazi what are the best ways to make a report or give information regarding an incident?

Chief Robshaw we have investigators directly by cell phone especially if it is confidential information and those numbers are on our website.  They can get the phone numbers from the office or the numbers are in the Newsletter.  Our traffic officer also has a cell phone and can be contacted to give you a response to your issue.

Mayor the Chief holds a CPAC meeting on the Wednesdays before the Town Meeting and you should take the time to come because the Chief will take the time to talk to you about what his force is doing to prevent crime. To report a crime that has already ocurred you can call 301-852-8547.

Committee Reports

Barbara Pejokovich the next Recreation Council meeting will be at the end of  September.  We are getting ready for the Fall Flea Market on Saturday October 1st and I will be taking reservations on the 15th of August.  Tables are $15 and go fast so be sure to reserve yours early.  This event and others are how the Rec Council provides its annual college scholarships to deserving residents.  Mayor when is the building use meeting? Ms. Pejokovich it is on September 15th in the Community Center at 7pm.

CM Thorpe as the new Chair for Cheverly Day our first meeting is coming up and I invite anyone interested to attend.  Cheverly Day will be May 12, 2012.  We meet the second Tuesday of the month.

Ms. Salo the Green Infrastucture Committee has been working hard to get the full text completed by a deadline.  You can check it out at 

Citizen Input

Ms. Salo this is a shout out for Mark Imlay from MNCPPC his specialty is the removal of alien and invasive plants.  Mark is certified to apply herbicides and that has been helpful on Town property as well.  He has removed the fake buttercup in the spring and Japanese knot weed.  

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Riazi once again ward one where WSSC has been working is getting closer to getting repaired.  It still is mosquito season so please look at removing standing water.  It is a good time to look at our trees for stress and seek professional assistance to see if it poses a threat to you or your neighbor.

CM Thorpe on September the 19th WSSC will be coming to the Ward 4 Civic Association meeting and they will be doing work in old ward four soon.  The Cheverly Robotics Club will meet on Saturdays from 12-2.  

CM Eldridge school will be opening so please be careful.  Folks who live on Parkway, I encourage you to come to the Worksession to discuss the potential improvements there.  The BW Parkway discussion will continue in September and then toward the end of the year.

Mayor Callahan  Aldis is on target for October 27th.  Although Aldis won’t be supporting the WIC program the CVS will now be supporting the WIC program.  Thanks to Public Works for building the speed bumps on Crest.  The August Worksession agenda is: Seeking legal advice which is a closed part of the meeting, Public Works Director’s report, Green Infrastructure Recommendations, Belleview Avenue, State Ethics Law, BW Widening, Hospital Letter.

CM Eldridge can we have a discussion and update about Envision Cheverly.

Adoption Sign Ordinance O-6-11

Mr. Warrington this item is before you today for introduction and passage in lieu of our normal three readings.  The Courts have decided for photo enforcement ticket late fees and flagging fees be codified.  We adopt them through our budget, this is not going to cut it with the courts and they want them codified.  If we don’t pass this then the court will not allow us to charge late fees or flagging fees.  We have been doing this forever, but we are asking you to codify this matter.  The Town Attorney would like us to strike the word monthly in the title since we do not charge a monthly fee.

  • Motion CM Eldridge as an emergency has been created by recent actions of the court requiring us to introduce and adopt O-6-11 Codifying the late and flagging fees for photo enforcement tickets.  Seconded CM Cook.  Approved 5-0.
Resolution for the Council to Adopt the Recommendations from the Green Infrastructure Committee

Mayor the Resolution is a separate act of the Town to accept recommendations.

CM Eldridge when community adopts plans they should evolve as the community evolves.  I have some modifications.  I am moving to amend the Resolution to take the last Whereas out and replace it with two new Whearas paragraphs. CM Cook seconded amendment.

CM Thorpe my concern is that we need an economic model that balances and does not make everything concrete so I guess this addresses that and properly addresses those issues.

CM Eldridge my intent is that this document will be a resource for example when we get ready to re-do a road.  

Mayor I like the word inform since it does not dictate.

Mr. Colaresi would you be amenable to dropping the word adopts? Could the word supports rather than adoption.  They are documents that are going to change so drop the word adopt that is a binding term.

CM Eldridge we will have to think about that.

CM Coolen I like the word adopt as it is binding.

CM Riazi I want the Resolution to commit the Town to supporting the Green Infrastructure and I don’t want it to be an empty resolution but I understand the concern for the binding aspect.  We should adopt the recommendations as a framework to inform the Town.  Perhaps this should be in the front of the Resolution.

CM Eldridge I think I am okay as to where CM Riazi is going.

Micah Watson Ward 2 this is a Resolution and is not a policy so it will not tie your hands.  I have two little nits to pick, the word the should be stricken in one Whereas and the should be stricken on the third line in another.

  • Motion CM Eldridge to amend the Green Infrastructure Recommendations Resolution.  Seconded CM Coolen.  Approved 5-0
Introduction of Charter Amendment CA-2-11 Annexation

Mr. Warrington this is the house that was purchased next to the Walgreens site that was necessary for the construction.  This is the process to annex that new quarter acre lot into the Town of Cheverly.

Resolution R-7-11 Regarding the Pointe @ Cheverly

Mr. Warrington the property is owned by the PG County Redevelopment Authority and the Town did a great deal to make sure that this is a quality development and that Republic Properties has invested in the site to create an upscale development.  This is a linchpin to the continue supporting this development and the redevelopment of the entire area.  We want the Redevelopment Authority to not cut bait at this time and start over.  Even if they go back out to bid, the awarding will take a couple years just for that and by giving this developer a few more years, they don’t lose anything.  We waited for those buildings that sat there for 12 years.  We know the product that is coming and we feel that the County should extend the prospects of this developer.

Mayor Councils well before us have stated a direction for this project and we should continue to follow this direction.  I would rather see it empty rather see it go in a direction that does not change the direction of the area.

CM Thorpe is there anything that holds the developer to addressing run off?  Mr. Warrington everything has been approved, but any changes to the Code must be adhered to in the future and they are usually more restrictive.

Micah Watson Ward 2 I would encourage the Council to adopt the resolution and I am disheartend by the dumbing down of the project.  I am glad that we are fighting that aspect.  I encourage you to not give in to the frustration and fight these efforts and remain hopeful and supportive.

CM Eldridge we know what this developer wants to do and people are excited about this concept and if he goes away, then it goes back to a blank slate and we have little control over what happens up there.  We may find ourselves with something up there that we may not be particularly in favor.

  • Motion CM Riazi that we adopt R-7-11 regarding the Pointe @ Cheverly.  Seconded CM Coolen.  Approved 5-0
Meeting adjourned.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
August 11, 2011

1.      Motion CM Eldridge as an emergency has been created by recent actions of the court requiring us to introduce and adopt O-6-11 Codifying the late and flagging fees for photo enforcement tickets.  Seconded CM Cook. Approved 5-0
2.      Motion CM Eldridge to amend the Green Infrastructure Recommendations Resolution.  Seconded CM Coolen.  Approved 5-0
3.      Motion CM Riazi that we adopt R-7-11 regarding the Pointe @ Cheverly.  Seconded CM Coolen.  Approved 5-0

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