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July 14, 2011 Town Meeting Minutes
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
July 14, 2011

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs Riazi Eldridge, Coolen, Cook and Thorpe.

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes – Town Meeting 6/11/11
Approved as written.

Minutes – Worksession 6/25/11
Approved as written.

Recognizing Gold Award Recipients

Mayor I want to recognize Elizabeth Roebuck and Caitlin Virta who are both recipients of the highest award in the Girl Scouts, the Gold Award and this is harder to achieve than the Boy Scouts Eagle Scout Award since it takes more individual time and effort.  Read the Proclamations.

Town Administrator Report

Mr. Warrington reported that the test case for traffic channeling has been highly complemented by the residents in the area of Gast Park.  We may end up making this permanent.  There is a meeting coming up on the widening of the BW Parkway and the information is on our website.  The Mayor was right on this one and it looks like the revenue we are to receive will result in an overall year of a balanced budget.  We are preparing for the year end audit.  We thought WSSC was done, but they are back on Cheverly Avenue and we hope they will be paving Belleview in August.

Police Department Report

Chief Robshaw we have obtained funding for our ballistic vest from the State and we hope to replace 4 this year.  We hope to add with our new grant application will be to place a toughbook in all of our vehicles.  This will coincide by the end of the year with the new County 911 processing center.  These new computers will allow us to see all standing calls.  We have a brand new speed trailer purchased by the Police Department with funds obtained by vehicle donations so no tax dollars were used.  It has a database to track traffic activities as well.  This month was a great month for us with very little crime.  We only had one burglary this month.  

CM Eldridge does it have limitations on where we can place it?  Chief no this is run on solar and it has a plug as well.

CM Eldridge I had a citizen complaint to 911 about fireworks and they said no one every came.  If a citizen in aggrieved what is the proper process

Chief Robshaw   I should know that having been a County Officer, but I don’t know it.  On that particular night, we only had one officer working and he was not available when that call was generated.  The County will then dispatch a County officer, but it will be on a priority status.  Unfortunately, in the County they have a lot of things that they deem of a higher priority than perhaps fireworks and will dispatch their officers accordingly.  I don’t make policy for the County.  It is a civilian branch and a complaint can be made to the head of that office.

Chief Robshaw I would encourage the Councilmembers to get back on track to set up a ward date for us to come and address the residents of your ward.

Mayor Callahan the eldercare program is available via the police program and during vacation season contact the police for a house check.

CM Cook how often do you visit under the eldercare program and how old do you have to be?

Chief We try to visit at least twice per month.  There is no age limit or qualifier, we just want to check on people to make sure they are okay.

Committee Reports

Mayor we are seeking a new Cheverly Day Chairman and you will get a lot of help as Nick and Christy need to step away with a baby on the way.

Citizen Input

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Riazi a few things I want the community to be aware of and one is that families who receive reduced meals in the school system can receive internet service through Comcast for $9.95 per month and the website is  The BRAC process is at www.wamu/news/brac.  All are encouraged to attend the BW Widening meeting at Meade middle school

CM Thorpe on the 30th of this month we will be starting a Lego Robot building project.  It will be here in the Community Center .  Look for that and we will see where it goes.  We currently have about 13 parents that have called.

CM Cook I would like to send condolences for the Marshall family that lost a son in an accident this week.  Keep them in your heart and prays.

Mayor Callahan  please read the FYI in the newsletter because we discuss trash fines and please comply with our policy.  We were notified about the National Park Service houses and you have heard us talk about this and they are moving forward to get funding to take them down, but after you get your funding approved you must see if they are in any condition for Katrina victims.  

CM Riazi Ann Barsi is again doing the school supply drive and if you contact me via my email I will send you her information.

CM Eldridge groups are looking for connections from the Bladensburg waterfront to the Town of Cheverly.  A connection from the Kenilworth side is a critical link and will allow access without going in the tunnels of doom under Kenilworth Avenue.

Mayor Now the upcoming Worksession agenda: The Pointe at Cheverly, Wall Boarding of Priority, Green Infrastructure Plan. Traffic Issues.  The Aldi construction has started.

Public Hearing – Speed Hump Request 2500 & 2600 Block Crest Avenue

Mayor I don’t have to open the public hearing since it is a continuation from last month

Mr. Warrington a speed hump petition was received for the 2500 & 2600 block of Crest and we have discussed this at the last two meetings.  Mr. Torres was asked to produce additional information regarding the types of speed humps.  He has done so and recommended the less severe hump because of the topography.  The raised crosswalk is elevated, but should not require one to stop at the stop sign and then stop again.

Mayor I have a process question about the public hearing.  Is there anyone in the audience that would like to add further comment.  Seeing no one, I am closing the two public hearings that are open. .  

  • Motion CM Coolen to implement the plan for speed control as recommended by the Director of Public Works for speed and safety control in the lower end of Crest Avenue.  Seconded CM Riazi.  Approved 5-0
Adoption Sign Ordinance O-5-11

Mr. Warrington this has had two readings and is an amendment to our sign ordinance.  This is language we have borrowed from the County sign ordinance that expands the parties responsible for the posting of illegal signs around town.  We felt this language made our ordinance more enforceable.  This language is verbatim from the County Code.  This casts a wider net.

  • Motion CM Riazi to adopt O-5-11 Amending the Sign Ordinance.  Seconded CM Eldridge  Approved 5-0
Resolution for the Council to Adopt the Recommendations from the Green Infrastructure Committee

Mayor we normally pass resolutions in the same night, but we want to have two readings on this resolution prior to passage.

CM Eldridge I have been working with a very dedicated group of individuals to protect and perpetuate the green infrastructure in our community.  We already do many of the things that aid in the green infrastructure such as our rain cisterns outside this building and our private property planting program.  I will now read the Resolution.

Mayor the green plan and the green resolution are much like our budget where there are recommendations and how to implement.  The resolution acknowledges our commitment to the document and it will be a living document.

CM Riazi I think I want the citizens of the Town to understand that it is a living document and we will be using it to inform our decision making process.  When we adopt a plan it is often on behalf of organizations in order to work together to have the plan implemented.  

CM CoolenI would like to ad that this is a plan that includes the Town and the citizens of the Town.  I want to commend that year and a half effort to get to this point.

CM ThorpeI would also like to thank the committee for their contributions.  I would like us to take seriously that this will have an affect on future generations.

CM Eldridge this plan will also become part of our branding and will set us apart from other communities and hopefully be viewed favorably by citizens and businesses.

CM Cook I also wanted to commend the Green Infrastructure Committee for all their hard work.

Ms. Cynthia Robinson  I have worked with the very dedicated people who have given very important input for this plan.  We look forward to a successful implementation of the plan.

Mayor I think that the efforts of so many individuals in town shows that it is part of our DNA.

Meeting adjourned.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
June 14, 2011

1.      Motion CM Coolen to implement the plan for speed control as recommended by the Director of Public Works for speed and safety control in the lower end of Crest Avenue.  Seconded CM Riazi.  Approved 5-0
2.      Motion CM Riazi to adopt O-5-11 Amending the Sign Ordinance.  Seconded CM Eldridge  Approved 5-0

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