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01/14/10 Town Meeting Minutes
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
January 14, 2010

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  Mayor Mosley, CMs Callahan, Watson, Eldridge, Schachter, Tevault and CM Johnson will be late.

Pledge of Allegiance


CM Callahan added an item Quincy Run Development.

Minutes – Town Meeting 12/10/09
Approved as written.

Holiday Decorating Contest Recognition

Mayor Mosley & CM Tevault top 4 notable for Child Appeal 2816 63rd Place, 5716 Lockwood Road, 2303 Crestlawn Avenue, 3008 Parkway, 2917 Hillside Avenue.  Best in Town Top Ten 6412 Forest Road, 3114 Belleview Avenue, 3013 Lake Avenue, 6007 Euclid Street (5th place), 3001 Hillside Avenue (4th place), 2604 Cheverly Avenue (3rd place), 3402 Cheverly Avenue (2nd place) 3306 Belleview Avenue (1st place).  Special Recognition for the Cheverly American Legion.
Mayor noted that a company is issuing an “official public notice” to purchase house number signs and this is not an official notice from the Town and is turning the flyer over to the staff for the appropriate action.
Town Administrator Report
Mr. Warrington reported that the Public Works Department is going to extend leaf collection due to the snow until February 14th.  Residents can rake their leaves to the curb until that date for vacuum collection.  The Department of Public Works is asking residents with sump pumps to be aware of the ice produced by them especially if they cause a hazard on sidewalks or in the street.  Removal or sanding rather than salting is being requested.
 Mayor delighted to see that the lights on the Kenilworth Avenue and Route 50 interchange have been turned on and they are fantastic.

Mr. Warrington reminded that the Mayor called with 5 street lights out on Crest Avenue that have been reported.  Also, on the website on the second page under News and Announcements there is a link to Pepco for citizens to report street light outages.  You do need to have the pole number off the silver band on the pole and the closest address to the light.  We are paying for the street lights whether on or off, so let’s get our money worth.  Mayor some go on and off.  Mr. Warrington BG&E does this for conservation efforts.  The report has a pull down menu on the Pepco site so you can select flickering lights.

CM Eldridge has there been any developments on the options for energy options.  Mr. Warrington that has not been put out to bid yet.

CM Callahan ice is also caused in those areas by natural springs.  Mr. Warrington that is true, but the liability if a homeowner is creating a hazardous condition is why we are emphasizing their action to reduce their exposure.

Police Department Report

Mayor the Chief is on a much deserved vacation and there will be no police report tonight.  He will provide a police report next month.

Mayor and Council Announcements

Mayor all Town Offices are closed this Monday for the Martin Luther King holiday, there is a hearing on Special Exception 4618 on January 25th.  The items for the January Worksession agenda include: Historical Document Archiving, Speed Camera Data Review and possible contract, amending the e-mail policy and meeting regulations, Green Infrastructure Plan, possible Land Acquisition, Amending Section 21-10 of the Personnel Code, Potential Annexation, Tree Commission Report, Urban Renewal, Planning Board Appointment, Development Updates for sites around town. CM Eldridge what does it take to add another Worksession.  Mayor if everyone wants to, we can have a Special February 4th Worksession agenda, which will now include: the Green Infrastruture Committee, Urban Renewal and the Tree Commission. CM Watson we can talk about the budget at the January Worksession to include the CIP items and an update of FY10 and FY11.  We should have a Technology Committee recommendation for the Council to consider at the regular February Worksession. CM Callahan can we move the land acquisition to the February 4th meeting. Mayor the Urban Renewal should be on the meeting on the 28th since this may be an Attorney item.

CM Tevault I have a resident that is asking any citizen that may have received a package in error on Friday January 8th from USPS to please call her at it is an antique silver and torquise ring and she is at 6505 Cedar Street or call 240-423-0244.
CM Callahan the outcome of the stormwater work by the County at Magruder Springs is 50% completed and anyone that wants to look at it is welcome.  It is a worthwhile walk.  I will forward any input on the County.  We will try to do some cleaning out in the future.  I also want to echo what the Mayor is saying, that we have taken a very aggressive stance against SE 4618, which is the auto salvage yard.  It is now pending the District Council and it will be heard on January 25th at which time we will have one half of an hour to address.  Bodies have influence so we would like people to show up and attend at 10 o’clock.  Also, on the 25th will be a detailed site plan for Addison Row and we have been very active in this project as well.

Mayor we have heard from some people that there has been a substantial change in that proposed development.  We will try to find out what is happening.

CM Callahan there has been a positive announcement to see if the University of Maryland would pick-up the hospital.

Mayor long time Cheverly resident Don Anderson passed away before the holidays.  He was very involved with the building of this building, which is named after him.

CM Callahan there will be a reading on the 28th where the judge will give his decision on the concrete plant.  I would like to say something about long time resident Mike Wallas.  He was very active in the Cub Scout pack and Cheverly sports.  He passed away last week.

Committee Reports

Cheverly Day
CM Watson noted that we’re okay.

Citizen Input

Mayor Mosley asked if there were any resident wishing to speak on a matter not already on the agenda.

Adoption Ordinance O-1-10 Required Recycling  

Mayor I am glad we are at the point of adopting this ordinance.  We are working on a magnet with recycling information.  We will have to figure out how to distribute it.  

Mr. Warrington this Ordinance is on the website.  This is the required recycling changes to our refuse ordinance.  It has been discussed a great deal.  We got a letter from the County that our trash dumping fees are going from $47/ton to $56/ton.  This will allow us to have no cost to bring the recycling to the MIRF.  The Mayor and Council want a very long fuse on this so we don’t surprise anyone.  This will save us money.

CM Eldridge do we have a name for the program.

Mayor required recycling.  If the Council would like to do something else, then they are welcome to address that.

Mayor I will ask for a motion.

  • Motion CM Eldridge to adopt O-1-10 Amending Refuse Section Required Recycling.  Seconded CM Watson.  Approved 6-0.

Introduction – O-2-10 Amending Speed Limits in Town  

Mayor noted that at this issue came-up as related to potential speed cameras from Ward 6 Councilmember Tevault.  Council and Staff have spent a lot of time looking at our speed limits in town with some streets having 15mph in one direction and 25mph going the other direction.  The color coded handout is at the front desk noting the changes.  Cheverly Ave and the Cheverly Industrial Park stay at 25mph.  Cheverly Avenue is a Federal Connector Route and having that at 20 mph would not be feasible.  Any street abutting a park or school is automatically to be 15 mph and most of them already are that limit.  If you are concerned or interested, it is posted on line.  In a few cases some the 15 mph will go to 20 mph, but the majority will go from 25 to 20.  Belleview Avenue’s entire length will be 15 all the way since it is so narrow and such tight turns.   

CM Watson noted that he supports the Ordinance.  I have a process question as to how do we make the map a reality?

Mr. Warrington we will have to wait until this passes two months from now and when it becomes effective, which is another 30 days and in that time frame we will do an assessment to install as of effective date.

CM Tevault the map is on the website, but will there be changes.

Mayor if there are further changes they need to be discussed at the Worksession.  There are differences of opinion, but a street or two will not send it back to first reading.

CM Eldridge is the map part of the Ordinance?  The ordinance wouldn’t change.  I think changing speed limits are fine, but the design of our town accommodates speeds in excess of speed limits and I strongly encourage the Town to consider measures for traffic calming approaches.

Mr. Colaresi as to speed limits outside the ordinance, must be adopted by motion, ordinance or resolution.  I suggest that you adopt the map at the Worksession by motion in order to allow the staff to legally change the signs.

Adoption – R-1-10 Appointing Election Clerks  

Mayor there is a Mayoral election coming-up in May and we have some housekeeping items in reference to that election.  This appoints Barbara Bannister, Minnie Dilday and Janet Isaccson from the office staff as election clerks for administrative purposes. Can I get a motion?

  • Motion CM Watson to adopt R-1-10 Appointing Election Clerks.  Seconded CM Johnson.  Approved 6-0.

Adoption – R-2-10 Appointing Election Judges

Mayor this appoints a nominee from each Ward who are at the tables and help voters as they come in on election day. Can I get a motion?

  • Motion CM Schachter to adopt R-1-10 Appointing Election Judges.  Seconded CM  Watson Approved 6-0.
Adoption – R-3-10 Appointing Election Supervisor  

Mayor this appoints Mr. Pruden as an Election Supervisor and this is for a two year term.  He is in fact the Head Election Supervisor.   Can I get a motion?

  • Motion CM Eldridge to adopt R-3-10 Appointing an Election Supervisor.  Seconded CM Watson.  Approved 6-0.
Discussion – Quincy Run Development  

CM Callahan this is in the vicinity of area behind the Cheverly Playhouse.  The Cheverly Planning Board commented on the preliminary design and now the detailed site plan is up.  The Cheverly Planning Board has put together comments on this plan.  The Mayor and Council have not had an opportunity to review their comments.  So, what I would like to see.. CM Eldridge no it’s because it was not on the agenda.  Is that right?  CM Callahan I think that should be left for a different conversation.  CM Eldridge I just don’t want people to get the impression that the Planning Board was having conversations in private. CM Callahan there were a number of meetings going on that night.  Everyone stopped in and talked, so it was public, but we had not announced the meeting or posted an agenda.  The Council did not have the opportunity to review and approve the comments.  I am trying to get that document reviewed and approved.  We have a one week extension to get this on the record.  The new plan has 24 trees to be saved, trenching of power lines and they are looking for May of next year in the $300,000 range.  They went from 4 styles of units to 8 styles.  One thing in our letter that has not been addressed is stormwater management.  It is perceived that they meet or exceed our County stormwater requirements.  The Planning Board letter hits on bike paths, public safety and I think we need to be more specific for stormwater improvements.

CM Eldridge has a question about recreational facilities, did the developer reconsider this item?

CM Callahan in the third paragraph addresses open space.  There is a community center a possible police substation, two pre-teen areas and two tot areas.  They have removed some units from the preliminary plan to address open space, tree canopy and line of sight issues.  

CM Eldridge is thrilled about redevelopment and we want to make sure it is the best for our area.

CM Callahan I want to ask the Town Attorney if we can approve this letter and Planning Board to strengthen the stormwater management portion before next Thursday.  So, we can approve the intent, but not the specific words.

Mr. Colaresi would say yes, but the Cheverly Planning Board is advisory to the Council and the letter should come from the Council to the County Planning Board.  

Mayor it won’t be it will attached with a cover letter from the Mayor and Council accepted recommendations/comments.  Does that address your concerns.

Mr. Colaresi can you do this yes, you can, but I don’t think it is your most effective method.

Mayor I don’t mind making changes if we don’t deviate drastically in changing some wording.

CM Eldridge can we cut and paste for a Town letter rather than from the Planning Board.

Mayor I kind of disagree with Mr. Colaresi and I think is worth noting that we have a Cheverly Planning Board and it has been presented to us and we take it up as our position.  Not too many Town’s our size have Planning Boards.

Mr. Colaresi pointed out that there are Town’s that similarly have Planning Boards and in those Town’s it is the Council and Mayor that present Town positions.  However, you can present it in the manner you want.  I think it is more effective coming from the Mayor and Council.

CM Watson the position seems sound and recommends that the Mayor and Mr. Callahan be empowered to clean this up and send it on.  This language is advisory to us and that may not be relevant.

Mayor Our last official position was in 2007, but I think this adds some things.  Are there any changes to the letter?

CM Eldridge there is one action recommended and suggests seeking comments from the Cheverly and Bladensburg Police Departments regarding dead space.  

Mayor the Chief won’t be back in time to comment.  With some minor strengthening on stormwater and trails we will send.  Calling for a vote to send a letter to the MNCPPC Planning Board for the purposes of stating the Town’s position on the Quincy Run Manor Subdivision.

Mr. Colaresi may I add to your motion?  To include the Cheverly Planning Board report as modified by the Mayor.  Mayor can you help us with this motion?  Mr. Colaresi

  • Motion CM Watson that the Mayor and Council adopt the basic outline recommended by the Cheverly Planning Board and authorize the Mayor before Thursday of next week to issue a letter that supports most of these principles and subject to any kind of minor modifications that the Mayor considers appropriate.  Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 6-0.
Meeting adjourned.
Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
January 14, 2010
  • Motion CM Eldridge to adopt O-1-10 Amending Refuse Section Required Recycling.  Seconded CM Watson.  Approved 6-0.
  • Motion CM Watson to adopt R-1-10 Appointing Election Clerks.  Seconded CM Johnson.  Approved 6-0.
  • Motion CM Schachter to adopt R-1-10 Appointing Election Judges.  Seconded CM Watson Approved 6-0.
  • Motion CM Eldridge to adopt R-3-10 Appointing an Election Supervisor.  Seconded CM Watson.  Approved 6-0.
  • Motion CM Watson that the Mayor and Council adopt the basic outline recommended by the Cheverly Planning Board and authorize the Mayor before Thursday of next week to issue a letter that supports most of these principles and subject to any kind of minor modifications that the Mayor considers appropriate.  Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 6-0.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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