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10-9-08 Town Meeting
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2008

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  Mayor Mosley, Vice Mayor Ford, Mr. Warrington, Mr. Colaresi, Chief Robshaw, and CMs. Eldridge, Callahan, Watson, and Schachter.

Pledge of Allegiance

Approved as written.   

Minutes – Town Meeting 9/11/08

Minutes – Worksession 9/25/08
Approved as written.

Town Administrator Report
Mr. Warrington deferred to the police department report.  

Mayor Mosley thanked Mr. Torres for his attention and assistance to the electronic recycling program.  

Police Department Report
Chief Robshaw reported that the crime rate is down 8%.  The violent crime rate is in the double digits, which is very good this year.  The department requested funding from the State Highway Administration for $20,000 in overtime.  Public Safety Day was a great success.   Chief Robshaw thanked Outback Steakhouse, the County, Air One, the staff of District One, Charles County, and Maryland Parks.  

There will be a meeting Oct. 22 on the radio program.  The Town is particularly looking for volunteers from the Landover Road apartments.  The Town is waiting for an FCC license for expanded reach of the police radios.  

Officer Murphy Brown was injured by a drunk driver recently, but she is doing fine and will return to work soon.

Presentation – Explosions

Mayor Mosley urged residents to call the Town anytime of day or night and leave a message with respect to the explosions.  The County is also tracking the explosions.  Sometime ago the Town sent letters to all of the local businesses in the industrial areas.  A meeting was set up with Smith’s Recycling, but it was later rescinded.  Two weeks ago Smith’s recycling reissued an invitation but most of the Town Council could not attend.  The Town is waiting for a rescheduling of the meeting and tour at Smith’s Recycling.  
Mayor Mosley welcomed Senator Harrington and Councilwoman Andrea Harrison.

Charlie Wilson, Director of DER, stated that his office has been tracking information related to the explosions for several years.  The Office of Information Technology and Communications, Tanya Gott, and her staff have collected data and processed it into a program to track the explosions and predict when it occurs.  Tom Maxin, the Deputy Director of the Department of Environmental Resources and Senator Harrington have also been working on this issue. The County has purchased a camera to help determine the origin of the booms.  The camera will be pointed in each compass direction to assess the direction of the booms.  

Patrick Callahan, GIS Manager for Prince George’s County, Office of Technology and Communication, stated that data from 1999 to May 2008 was collected and processed into a program, creating a map.  318 phone calls were received during this time.  Some addresses called many times (as many as 74 phone calls for one address).  Most phone calls come in during the night, which may be attributed to more people being home at night.  There was a higher frequency of phone calls on Wednesdays and most evenings between 9:00-11:00pm.  This information indicates homes on higher ground would more likely here the booms.  Based on this, an area was chosen for the placement of the camera.  October, January and February seem to be the months when the booms are more frequently heard.  This also may be attributed to the lack of leaves on trees.  

Jason Loveless , Office of IT Communication, stated that booms were also a problem in Baltimore County.  A high frame rate camera was chosen to identify the location of those booms.  The same camera will be used in Cheverly.  Based on the data provided by Mr. Callahan, it will be fixed in place in the general direction the booms may be coming from.  Any change in direction would have to be done manually.  In response to CM Callahan’s question on whether the camera flashes upon the sound of a boom, the camera does not flash, but it has nighttime functions.  The camera will take pictures at all times, but phone calls from the town will be needed to report the booms, and then look at any data at that corresponding time to locate the direction of the booms.  It is hoped that the camera will pick up a flash from the boom to help narrow the location.  

Mayor Mosley urged residents to call anytime of day or night to report the booms.  The information for the camera is stored on a short term basis.

CM Eldridge asked what other uses this camera may have in the future.  Mr. Loveless stated that Cameras like this are used to track illegal dumping.

CM Watson stated that the data received from the camera is sent and stored with the County.  This is due to the fact that the camera is connected to the firehouse on Tuxedo Road.  This is a benefit in terms of storing the data.

Senator Harrington thanked the County for its cooperation and participation in assisting with resolving the problem of the booms.

Mayor and Council Announcements

Mayor Mosley announced that the work session will be November 20, the Thursday before Thanksgiving, and will include amending the policies and procedures of the Planning Board; draft ordinance amending building permits; discussions concerning the variance and design departures for the proposed Walgreens on route 202 and Kilmer Street; a closed session on annexation and a personnel issue; the Newsletter policy; the Town budget and finances; and Department head objectives.  The flea market and farmer’s market will be on Oct. 25, at the Town Hall.

CM Callahan announced that the concrete plant proposal has been remanded for a third time to assess health implications and allow the health study to continue.  A similar plant proposal in Washington, DC, was recently denied.  Residents are urged to continue opposing the proposed concrete plant.  

Committee Reports

Recreation Council
No one present.

Cheverly Day Report
No one present.

Green Infrastructure Steering Committee
Cynthia Robinson announced that this Committee is an open process.  The first public forum will take place on Nov. 12, 7:00-9:00pm at Judith Hoyer.  There will be an interactive session at the end of the meeting to hear from residents about areas in Town that are of concern.  The Committee meets every first Monday from 7:00-9:00pm at the conference center.  

CM Eldridge noted the informal relationship this Committee has with the Town at this time.

Citizen Input
Ms. Robinson noted the Cheverly Community Market will hold special holiday markets on Nov. 22 and Dec. 13.

Father Kevin Kennedy invited residents to three events at St. Ambrose.  The Crab fest is Oct. 25, from 2-5pm in the afternoon (tickets are $25 and available at the door).  There will be a prayer service on Thanksgiving at 10:00am at St. Ambrose.  Six churches are collaborating to hold this one service (including the Methodist church).  The Mens Club, working with the Red Cross, is sponsoring a blood drive on the Saturday after Thanksgiving from 9:00-3:00pm.  It will be held at St. Ambrose.

Newsletter Policy Amendments

Mayor Mosley stated that there has been some confusion with respect to the revised newsletter policy.  Mr. Colaresi stated that it has been proposed that the Community Bulletin section allow a town organization to submit a short article to follow the announcement of the community event.  Mr. Colaresi proposed that two requirements be meet to publish such an article: 1) the article of public interest by educational; and 2) the reporting of the community event be retrospective.

CM Watson asked why a short article of a community event must be retrospective.  Also, the issue of publishing photographs was raised.

Mr. Colaresi stated that events should be discussed retrospectively, rather preceding the event, to avoid publishing an article that may for example contain a political message.  In addition, a article is limited 50 words.  

CM Schachter raised the issue of Progressive Cheverly’s claim that it is wholly excluded from the newsletter.  CM Schachter suggested opening up the newsletter to any organization regardless of content as long as the group is a town group with a certain number of members and having a lawful purpose.  The content of the article should not be the focus.

Mr. Colaresi stated that the educational restriction is not illegal or impermissible.

CM Callahan encouraged Town Organizations to register as such with the Town.

Resolution R-9-08 Appointing the Cheverly Tree Commission

Mayor Mosley stated that the town council is re-appointing a new tree commission, which has been dormant for many years.  

CM Callahan announced the new members of the Cheverly Tree Commission: Andrea Leal, Steven Casper, Michael Guise, and Nathan McElroy.

Michael Guise spoke on behalf of the Tree Commission.  He stated that the Tree Commission will be focusing on the loss of tree canopies, general damage, and revitalization of the town’s trees in recent years.   The first meeting has not yet been scheduled.

  • CM Watson made a motion to pass Resolution R-9-08 appointing the Cheverly Tree Commission.  CM Eldridge seconded.  Unanimously approved.
Meeting adjourned.
Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
October 9, 2008
  • CM Watson made a motion to pass Resolution R-9-08 appointing the Cheverly Tree Commission.  CM Eldridge seconded.  Unanimously approved.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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