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9/11/08 Town Meeting
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2008

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  There were 11 residents in attendance.

In attendance:  Mayor Mosley, Mr. Warrington, Mr. Colaresi, Lieutenant Frolich, and CMs. Eldridge, Watson, Johnson, Schachter and Ford.

Pledge of Allegiance

Approved as written.   

Minutes – Town Meeting 8/14/08
Approved as written.

Minutes – Worksession 8/28/08
Approved as written.

Town Administrator Report
Mr. Warrington stated that the Town has finished the project at Gast Park, and will begin the other project at Boyd park.     

  • CM Watson made a motion to excuse CM Callahan.  CM Schachter seconded.  Unanimously approved.
Police Department Report
Lieutenant Frolich reported that there were 27 incidents this past month; 2 commercial robberies, 4 assaults, 1 domestic, and 1 breaking and entering.  National Night Out is on Sept. 27.  The Chief has purchased 20 radios for the citizens of the Town.  There are only 12 volunteers.  Interested residents should call Chief Robshaw for details.  

CM Eldridge asked whether the police department has assessed development plans to asses any public safety concerns.  Lieutenant Frolich stated that Chief Robshaw would be in the best position to answer this question.

Mayor and Council Announcements

Mayor Mosley announced that the work session for September 25, will include discussions concerning the installation of stop signs at State Street and Jutewood Street; the petition for speed humps and stop signs at the 2900 block of 64th Avenue; the building permit section of the code (section 8-2E, policies and procedures of the Planning Board), the Tree Commission, the Newsletter policy, and Department head objectives.

CM Eldridge added to the worksession the issue of the Green Infrastructure Plan.  

Dedication of Lobby Case
Mayor Mosley read the following Proclamation designating September 2008 as Cheverly Armed Forces Month:

Whereas there are Cheverly residents and citizens, and sons and daughters of Cheverly citizens, proudly and unselfishly serving their country in the United States Armed Forces, both here and abroad; and

Whereas, the Cheverly Town Council, residents and families gather to honor and thank these citizen soldiers for their service to this country on this very special and solemn anniversary, September 11, 2008 .  We are reminded of the sacrifice and heroism of those who serve to keep us safe and free; and

Whereas we also honor and offer the unconditional support of all Cheverly citizens to the families of these soldiers, as we know they also sacrifice as their loved ones serve their country; and

Whereas history has taught us that it is through the service and dedication of citizen soldiers, such these brave young people, that peace and security is realized;

Therefore, be it proclaimed that the Mayor and Town Council of the town of Cheverly, that the month of September 2008 be designated as Cheverly Armed Forces month in the Town of Cheverly, and call to the attention to all citizens the good works, unselfish dedication and commitment to their country and bestow on them the sincere thanks and gratitude of the citizens of Cheverly.

  • Vice Mayor Ford moved that the Proclamation designating September 2008 as Cheverly Armed Forces month be approved as read; seconded by CM Schachter.  Unanimously approved.   
Mayor Mosley recognized Senator David Harrington’s presence at the meeting and for this event.  Mayor Mosley recognized the following Cheverly residents and Armed Forces members:  Nathanial McClane, Antonio Halbert, Jeff Stanick,  Matthew Kenyon, Nicholas Brandi, and John Allen Barkley.

Committee Reports

Recreation Council
Barbara Pejokovich was present for the Recreation Council.  On September 23, 2008, there will be a Recreation Council meeting in the conference room.  It is always an open meeting so all are welcome to attend.  The flea market will be on October 25 (the fourth weekend of the month).  There are four tables left.  The tables are given on a first come first serve basis.  Please contact Barbara at 301-773-5883.  

Cheverly Day Report
No new updates.

Citizen Input

Norm Oslik of Parkway, speaking on behalf of Progressive Cheverly, thanked the Town for its modification to the Town Newsletter guidelines.  Mr. Oslik requested the Town to call attention to the November referendum relating to the slot machines by placing the issue on its cable channel and the website.  

Sheila Salo of the Green Infrastructure Steering Committee is planning its first public meeting in November.  She requested that the Committee be placed on the agenda of the Town Meetings as a committee report on the same basis as the Recreation Council and Cheverly Day Report.

Paula Davis, past President of Greater Landover Civic Association, stated that her community, located behind Giant, has seen in the last six months tractor trailers parking overnight on the Giant parking lot.  Ms. Davis is interested in Cheverly Police inquiring into this issue given the land is located within Cheverly’s jurisdiction.   Mayor Mosley stated that this issue would be referred to Chief Robshaw.

Fred Price Jr. of 62nd Avenue, stated that the Columbia Park Road sidewalks are not clear.  He requested that the Town, County, and Department of Transportation work together to clear the sidewalks.

Presentation – Development of Kilmer Street and Landover Road Center

Mayor Mosley stated that Ken Michael is the developer of this property.  This property used to have a trailer which reportedly had drug dealings.  Several years ago a gas station was proposed, however, residents in that immediate area and within the Town were opposed.  Mr. Michael has proposed a drive-thru pharmacy.  A home immediately next to the lot is under contract and will help expand the area.

Mr. Michael, of the Michael’s Company, stated that they have been working on a plan for the property.  They are working with Walgreens on leasing the property.  The details of site plan are still under work, and variances will have to be acquired.

Dan Lynch, attorney on behalf of the Michaels’s Company, stated that Mr. Michael’s has been working for several years on a proposal for the lot.  The first phase of the process is to apply for rezoning of the residential home adjacent to the lot.    

Paul Woodburn, Civil Engineer for the project, showed drawings of the proposed Walgreens.  There will be two entrances into the Walgreens (Landover Road and Kilmer Street), upgrades to the Landover/Kilmer traffic signal, and a sidewalk on Kilmer Street.

Mayor Mosley asked what type of storm drain water management was planned.  Mayor Mosley also welcomed Council Member Andrea Harrison.  

CM Harrison asked about the extent of green building used for the project, and whether LEED certification could be obtained (and to what extent).  Paul (?last name) stated that the architect would be better able to answer that question.  

Jeff Johnson of Cheverly asked whether there would be a green traffic arrow from the direction of the 7-11.  Paul Woodburn, stated that the improvements would be on the side of the road where construction takes place, however, the timing of all the lights, etc, would be assessed.  Mayor Mosley stated that the cost of improvements made to Kilmer will be assessed back to the property.

Vice Mayor Ford stated there is no sidewalk on the North side of Old Landover Road, in addition, there may be traffic backups from Kilmer to Old Landover Road, causing problems for pedestrians.  Vice Mayor Ford requested that this issue be given further attention.

CM Eldridge inquired about the compact area of the drive-thru space.  Paul Woodburn responded that it will be about 16 feet wide all the way around.   CM Eldridge requested looking into a rain garden to provide green space.  

CM Watson inquired about the loading dock wall in the back in relation to the drive-thru.  Paul Woodburn stated that the wall is about 12ft in the back.  

Paula Davis, of Landover, expressed concern about lighting on Old Landover Road, as it affects residents adjacent to and across from the Walgreens.  

CM Schachter stated his concern about the Walgreens dissuading the Giant from expanding given that Giant has expressed expanding with a Pharmacy.  Mr. Michael’s stated that he believed that Giant would not renew its lease if it could not expand with a Pharmacy.  Mr. Michael’s does not believe that a Walgreen’s Pharmacy would effect Giant’s decisions to renew.

Jim Cochs,  architect for the project, stated that it is not known yet the extent of green building or LEED Certification sought by Walgreens.  These issues will be addressed later in the project.  However, green elements and designs are typically used.  Walgreens has a signature building design for the Northeast.  It will be an all masonry building (brick and cast stone), with canopies.  Quality and durable materials will be used.  It will be two-stories given the compactness of the site.  The second floor will have offices and a stock room; the first floor will be retail.  It will have a corner entrance.  The building will be aesthetically pleasing in the back as well.  

CM Harrision stressed green building and a permeable surface for the parking lot.

Joe Lang of Forest Road expressed concern for the drive-thru area; given its enclosure it may be an area that attracts burglaries.   Mr. Lynch stated that Walgreens typically has security cameras around the building.

CM Eldridge expressed concern of the use of a neon sign.  He also asked if the second floor would include used occupied space of the building.  Mr. Cochs stated that the second floor only covers half of the first floor.  The back entrance is the staff entrance.  

Mayor Mosley stated that the upper level is approximately 3,000 square feet and the lower level is approximately 13,000 square feet.  Mayor Mosley was in favor of a window in the front of the store to allow natural light into the retail space.

CM Harrision inquired about community benefits, i.e. partnering with elementary schools to educate about green building.  Mr. Michaels indicated that such discussions have not taken place, however, Walgreens has a corporate policy related to this, and the Michaels Corporation certainly does.

Mr. Lynch thanked the Town for the opportunity to present the proposal.  A lot of the details will be worked out as the project moves forward through the zoning variances and departure applications.

MNCPPC Presentation – Landover Master Plan Process

Maryland National Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC).  No one was present.

Pepco Upgrade Update

Ernie Baker from Pepco came to the meeting to provide infrastructure updates and plans.  Mr. Baker stated that service reliability is an ongoing project.  The Town is due for a full tree trimming, which occurs about every 2 years.  

Dave Gaul from Pepco, discussed reliability and tree outages.  Pepco is working on replacing lightening guards, and tree trimming; in addition they are working on tree wires (wires that can withstand contact with tree limbs).  Five circuits serve this area.  One circuit in particular is problematic (14110) (covering Valleyway, Kilmer, and the Lake Avenue area).  On Cheverly Avenue, 2 new poles will be installed and 7 poles upgraded.  This should improve reliability.  Pepco plans on installing some remote switches as well to speed up repairs.  Once this circuit is completed, Pepco will move on to the next.  The tree maintenance program is scheduled for early 2009. The first phase is to remove dying trees and clear alleyways.  The second phase is to climb and trim.  The final phase is to have bucket trucks for the heaver work.  The first and second phases should be completed in the next several months pending permits.  This program should help alleviate the problem.  Attempts will be made to replace trees.  

Mayor Mosley stated the Town would need a detailed assessment of the impact to Cheverly Avenue trees from the new and upgraded poles.  Mr. Gaul stated that the detailed plan may be provided within 2 weeks.

CM Eldridge inquired as to whether Pepco has a program to assist residents with purchasing backup generators for power outages.  

Mr. Baker stated that Pepco’s actions are regulated by the Public Service Commission.  Such a program would have to receive approval by PSC.  Approval would be unlikely given opposition by residents and given the fact that it is not a benefit to everyone.

One resident was concerned about the number of limbs lying on utility wires.  Mr. Gaul stated that there is redundancy built into their trimming and it will be addressed.  Mr. Gaul asked residents to call Pepco and report compromised wires.  Pepco relies heavily on residents calling and reporting problems.

Dan Smith, of Inwood Street, asked about the number of outages and what they are attributed to.  Mr. Gaul stated that outages are caused by storms and animal damage.  Mr. Smith also expressed concern about losing the Town’s canopy appearance.  He asked the Town Council to please keep this issue in mind as Pepco moves forward with its plan.  In addition, Mr. Smith requested Pepco to consider underground wires.  Mr. Gaul responded that trees still may be damaged when tree roots are cut for underground wires.

Mayor Mosley stated that recently, the frequency of power outages seems to have decreased.  Mayor Mosley requested that Pepco provide a detailed list of what trees will be effected and to what extent.

CM Johnson asked what the causes frequent power outages on Landover Road.  Mr. Gaul attributed it to transformer issues.

Electronic Recycling Program Initiation

Mayor Mosley stated that public works recently attempted to deliver a truckload of electronic materials for recycling to Brown Station Landfill.  However, Brown Station refused it and stated that it no longer accepts such items from municipalities and residents were responsible for delivery.  Because the Town wants to encourage recycling these materials, the Town has negotiated and signed a contract with a company to take over this service, which will begin in October.

Mr. Warrington stated that residents are to remove any proprietary information on the electronic items.  Next month’s newsletter will list the types of items accepted.  This service will be at no charge to Cheverly residents.

Planning Board

CM Eldridge discussed a letter with comments submitted by the Planning Board to the Town Council.  The letter responds to questions posed by the Town Council to the Planning Board regarding the Quincy Run Development (the area within Bladensburg, abutting Cheverly and behind the Publick Playhouse).   Currently, apartments are located here and the plan is to replace them with town homes.  The general concerns were related on the layout of the town homes; preservation of certain oak trees; the slope of the land, and water run off.  With respect to the layout, there is concern for police access.  The County is looking for comments from the Town in the next couple of days.  CM Schachter stated that the letter should be less negative and seek more information on mitigating the issues of tree preservation and water run off.

Mayor Mosley asked the Council Members if they opposed the subdivision.   No CM opposed the subdivision, however, CM Watson was concerned about the lack of information regarding the preservation of trees and water run off issues.  Mayor Mosley and CM Schachter believed that the concern of limited police access was likely not an issue.  CM Eldridge suggested, and Mayor Mosley agreed, that the Town should invite the developer to a Town meeting to discuss its concerns.

Meeting adjourned after 11:00 pm.
Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
September 11, 2008

  • CM Watson made a motion to excuse CM Callahan.  CM Schachter seconded.  Unianimously approved.
  • Vice Mayor Ford made a motion to approve the Proclamation designating September 2008 as Cheverly Armed Forces month as read by Mayor Mosley, CM Schachter seconded.  Unanimously approved.

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