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8/14/08 Town Meeting
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
August 14, 2008

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  There were 2 residents in attendance.

In attendance:  Vice Mayor Ford, Mr. Warrington, Chief Robshaw, and CMs. Eldridge, Watson, and Schachter.

Pledge of Allegiance

Approved as written.   

Minutes – Town Meeting 7/10/08
Approved as written.

Minutes – Worksession 7/24/08
Approved as written.

CM Eldridge made a motion to excuse Mayor Mosley, and CMs Callahan and Johnson.  CM Schachter approved.

Town Administrator Report
Mr. Warrington stated that the Town is working on the audit.  The auditors are expected soon and will spend about five days onsite where they will pull random tickets and receipts.  By the end of October, the Town will likely have the Uniform Financial Report to file with the State and the audit ready for the Mayor and Town Council to review.  

Police Department Report
Chief Robshaw reported that violent crime is down 11% and total crime is down about 6% this year due substantially to the Town’s task force.  The Resident Radio Program is in need of volunteers; please contact Chief Robshaw by phone or email if interested.  On September 22, 2008, Cheverly will have its first public safety day at the Town Park from 5:30-8pm.  The sponsors include the Outback, Three Brothers, Pepsi, CVS, Canada Dry, and a few others.  Finally, an MOU has been signed between the Town police and County police.  

Mayor and Council Announcements

Vice Mayor Ford announced that the work session for August 28, will include discussions concerning the public works briefing, policies and procedures of the Planning Board, the Tree Commission, and Department head objectives.

CM Schachter suggested an additional issue for consideration, which is the stop sign at the intersection of State Street and Jutewood.
CM Eldridge added the issue of considering a Town policy of notifying Town residents when Town personnel will be performing tree maintenance on the right of way in front of that resident’s property.   

CM Eldridge asked Mr. Warrington about the process for when the town mows lawns and clears debris on private property that has not been maintained.  Mr. Warrington responded that when a residents’ grass reaches 8 inches in height, the town sends a notice to the property owner that the grass must be cut within 10 or the town will hire a contractor to cut the grass at the resident’s expense.  The Town then bills the property owner for the amount and the owner has 30 days to pay.  If it is not paid then a lien is attached.  There is no ordinance on leaves or limbs on the property, unless there are animals living in it.

CM Watson stated that in cooperation with Mr. Warrington, the County, and the fire department, a monitoring device will be installed to track the loud noises or booms heard by Cheverly residents.  A high speed camera will be placed on the roof of the Cheverly/Tuxedo Firehouse and will be connected to the County’s information technology system and monitored remotely.  The camera’s recording is stored for about 72 hours.  The town will have to rely on resident reports of the booms so that the camera recording can be checked.   The camera has a 90 degree field of view.  The noises are possibly from the southwest area of the firehouse.  Therefore, the camera will be initially focused in that direction.  The camera device was likely decided on to track the booms because of the cost and ease of use rather than a seismic device to measure vibrations.  

Committee Reports

Recreation Council
Barbara Pejokovich was present for the Recreation Council.  On September 23, 2008, there will be a Recreation Council meeting in the conference room.  It is always an open meeting so all are welcome to attend.  The flea market will be on October 25 (the fourth weekend of the month).  Reservations for tables will be taken after September 1, 2008.  The tables are given on a first come first serve basis.  Please contact Barbara at 301-773-5883.  In addition, the Halloween party will be on November 1, 2008, and the Holiday Party will be December 5, 2008.

Citizen Input

There was no citizen input.

Approval Cooperation Agreement - CDBG

Mr. Warrington stated that the County participates in the Community Development Block Program.  It provides federal funds for road monitoring.  The Program focuses primarily on infrastructure.  The Town does not qualify for the Federal funds with the exception of a small area of homes near route 50.  The Town has signed onto this program for the past 20-25 years.  The Town has utilized this program in the past, for example the 64th Avenue Bridge, and an upgraded bathroom in the Town Hall to comply with the ADA.  Even when the Town does not have a project, it is beneficial to sign on to avail it to any potential funds.    

  • CM Watson made a motion for the Town to agree to the certification cooperation agreement - CDBG.  CM Eldridge Seconded.  Unanimously approved.
Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:20 pm.
Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
August 14, 2008

  • CM Eldridge made a motion to excuse Mayor Mosley, and CMs Callahan and Johnson.  CM Schachter seconded.  Unanimously approved
  • CM Watson made a motion for the Town to agree to the certification cooperation agreement - CDBG.  CM Eldridge Seconded.  Unanimously approved.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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