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07/12/2007 Town Meeting
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
July 12, 2007

Call to Order
Mayor Mosley called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  There were 9 citizens in attendance.

In attendance: Mayor Mosley, Mr. Warrington, Chief Robshaw, CMs Ford, Schachter, Watson, and Eldridge.

Pledge of Allegiance

No changes were noted.


Mayor’s Award
The Mayor’s Award is presented to recipients for their excellence and extraordinary service to the Town of Cheverly.  The Mayor’s Award is typically presented on Cheverly Day, but the recipients were unable to attend.  It was decided that the Mayor’s Award would be presented at tonight’s Town Meeting.  There were three recipients of the Mayor’s Award: Betty Bellamy, Linda Carr, and Nancy McGuirk.  Mayor Mosley thanked Betty, Linda, and Nancy for their many years of dedication to teaching generations of Cheverly children at the Cheverly United Methodist Church and presented each recipient with a gift certificate.
Ms. Betty Bellamy noted that collectively, all three of this year’s recipients have taught at the Cheverly United Methodist Church for 75 years.  Betty also noted how wonderful it is to see the accomplishments of children who attended Weekday Nursery.         
Ms. Linda Carr noted that she is proud of the Town of Cheverly, children of Cheverly, and being a citizen of Cheverly.   
Nancy McGuirk thanked the Town of Cheverly for honoring their work and the school.  

Retiring MNCPPC William Eley
Mayor Mosley recalled at William Eley’s last planning commission meeting how people involved in every aspect of the commission spoke of William Eley’s phenomenal leadership.  The Town Council proclaimed August 2007 as William M. Eley Jr. Month.  Mayor Mosley read the proclamation.  William Eley spoke of the pleasure and honor of being recognized by the Town of Cheverly.    

§       CM Ford moved to excuse CM Callahan.  Seconded by CM Schachter.  Unanimously approved.

Minutes – Town Meeting 6/14/07
Approved as written.

Minutes – Worksession 5/24/07
CM Watson noted that the vote tally of the motion made by him was incorrect.  The minutes should read that the vote was seconded by Mayor Mosley and failed one to three with CMs Ford, Callahan, and Schachter opposing.  With CM Watson’s correction, the minutes were approved.

Minutes – Worksession 6/21/07
CM Watson noted that in CM Eldridge’s motion, there is a clerical error.  The word procedures is noted two times in the sentence.  Mayor Mosley asked for the error to be researched.  There was further discussion as to whether a vote was taken to adopt limitations on the duration of the town meeting.  Mayor Mosley asked to have the notes reviewed from the Worksession to confirm if a vote was taken, and acceptance will be held until the information is confirmed.  

Minutes – Worksession 7/2/07
Approved as written.

Minutes – Worksession 7/9/07
Approved as written.

Town Administrator Report
Mr. Warrington reported that they are preparing to begin their audit.  Mayor Mosley asked if Mr. Warrington was still interviewing for the open Treasurer position.  Mr. Warrington stated that they are not interviewing for the position at this time.  Mayor Mosley noted that next month they may be able to introduce the new Assistant Public Works Director.  

Police Department Report
Chief Robshaw reported that Cheverly’s crime rate is in a downward trend and June was the second lowest month for the number of reported crimes.  He noted this is a significant accomplishment because the summer months are a time they anticipate greater problems.  Chief Robshaw reported the closure of the carjacking case he reported at last month’s meeting.  A different carjacking occurred on Landover Road.  The victim was followed from at least the Washington, DC line and was carjacked when he stopped on Landover Road to see why someone was following him.  A robbery was closed with the arrest of two local youths.  Two autos were stolen last month, which is back to a low level for the town.  

Chief Robshaw announced the police furniture sale on Saturday, July 21 beginning at 9:00 am.  Proceeds from the sale will be used to purchase a laser radar gun for speed enforcement on Cheverly Avenue.

Chief Robshaw announced that a handout will be in the August newsletter for National Night Out on August 7 at 6:30pm at Legion Park.  It is a time for everyone to come together to show our commitment to making Cheverly a safe place.  The event is being sponsored by the Outback Steakhouse in Largo.  

Chief Robshaw thanked everyone for their generous contributions of books related to law enforcement for the department, especially for the officers who are taking college classes.

Chief Robshaw reported that they just concluded a 16-month investigation into the burglaries that occurred last year, approximately 33 in number.  The burglaries began in April 2006, suspects were identified, and several arrests have been made.  He invited anyone involved in the cases to attend a meeting tonight, which was held prior to the Town Meeting to hear the facts surrounding the cases.  If anyone was unable to attend the meeting, Chief Robshaw invites you to contact any Investigator for further details.

CM Watson asked Chief Robshaw if Cheverly Officers are equipped with non-lethal weapons.  Chief Robshaw confirmed that Cheverly Officers are equipped with non-lethal weapons, such as Tasers and paintball launchers.  Every officer is not equipped with a Taser due to the high cost of Tasers, but he hopes to have every officer equipped with a Taser in the future.  

CM Eldridge asked Chief Robshaw to confirm the phone number for constituents to contact the police department.  Chief Robshaw stated that the non-emergency number is (301) 333-4000.  

CM Schachter noted that carjacking reports appear to be more common today than in the past and asked if carjacking is a new term for a crime that has occurred in the past or if it is a new type of crime.  He also asked if the state punishment for carjacking is sufficient, and if it is not, to let them know so they can contact their state legislators.  Chief Robshaw noted that in Maryland, sentencing for carjacking is right behind homicide in terms of severity of punishment    

Mayor Mosley thanked Chief Robshaw and asked how many people attended the burglary meeting and he reported that approximately sixteen people were in attendance.

Mayor and Council Announcements
Mayor Mosley stated the Worksession agenda for Thursday, July 26.  There will be a discussion on the Cheverly Avenue/Tuxedo Road/Cheverly Metro/Columbia Park Road/Metro Entrance/Two Bridges over Route 50/Railroad Tracks issue.  Mayor Mosley suggested it would be beneficial for Mr. Torres to be in attendance to present his report on the issue.  The remaining items on the Worksession agenda are town park field use, amending the town urban renewal plan, an industrial revenue bond issuance, the Mayor and Council reimbursement policy, and a general government organizational structure meeting.

CM Watson asked Mr. Warrington about the plans for updating the office building locks.  He also asked Mr. Warrington about advertising the Ward 5 vacancy.  Mayor Mosley and Mr. Warrington determined that access and egress to the building should be discussed prior to re-keying the building.  She also stated that there is not enough money in this year’s budget to remodel the old police station, but there is an overall plan for the space.  Mayor Mosley asked Mr. Warrington to add the remodeling and re-keying plan to the August Worksession agenda.  

CM Schachter asked to add a dog park and a farmer’s market as items on the July Worksession agenda.  It was suggested that the United Methodist Church would be a prime location for a farmer’s market and a letter will be sent to see if the church is interested.

Mayor Mosley asked Mr. Warrington to move the general government organizational structure meeting agenda item to August.  She also announced that State Delegate Jolene Ivey has put together a meeting on August 13 at 8:00am regarding the trails in and surrounding Cheverly.  Many agencies will be present at the meeting and the public is invited.       

CM Eldridge asked to put the green infrastructure plan on a future agenda.  Mayor Mosley asked for the item to be placed on the July agenda.  She also explained that Worksessions were going very late into the evening and that in order to keep Worksessions to a reasonable length of time, additional Worksessions may be added.

CM Eldridge asked on behalf of one of his constituents about the status of a petition to add speed devices between Forest Road and Jason Street.  The constituent noted that the petition was returned to them and CM Oslik clarified that it was returned because it did not meet certain criteria and counseled the constituents as to what needed to be completed in order for the petition to be considered.  Mayor Mosley indicated that the petition had not yet been returned with the proper criteria met.       

Committee Reports

Recreation Council
No report presented as there were no members from the council present.

Citizen Input
No input or questions from the citizens who were present.

Discussion – American Resource Management Development
Mr. Warrington described that this development plan involves 74 acres of land at the intersection of Sheriff Road and Marblewood Avenue which is owned by Robert Bilo.  Mr. Bilo submitted an application for creating a subdivision of five developable lots and two out lots of which would be donated to the Fire Department and the other lot for future development.  Mr. Bilo was asked to make a presentation to the Mayor’s Council two weeks ago at which several citizens from the surrounding area were present.  The Mayor’s Council asked Mr. Bilo to withdraw his application to allow further time on the overall prospectus and the plans for the out lots.  Mr. Bilo has agreed to withdraw his application and plans to work with the Mayor’s Council in order exhaust all efforts for tree preservation and then to resubmit an application in September or October.

CM Ford is pleased that Mr. Bilo opted to withdraw his application and hopes to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.  

CM Schachter stated that the negotiations with Mr. Bilo are very important and that he believes the issue presents philosophical differences within the Council.  There are three issues CM Schachter believes are involved with the plan of which the public should be aware.  The first issue is the plan for subdivision of part of the property.  The second issue is the construction of a cement plant on the property due to potential noise and debris concerns.  The third issue, which CM Schachter believes is of the greatest concern is the ongoing mining of clay from the property, which results in the loss of trees.  CM Schachter wants to negotiate the project as a whole rather than piecemeal.  Of concern to CM Schachter’s Ward, Ward 4 is the preservation of a tree stand that backs to Boyd Park.  He would like to negotiate possibly adding the tree stand to Boyd Park, which would create a greater buffer for the Town of Cheverly.  CM Schachter understands that this negotiation may require some acquiescence regarding the other two issues he noted above.  He understands that neighbors of Cheverly who are closer to the cement plant may view the cement plant as a greater concern, but he believes Cheverly needs to focus on the importance of the tree stand.  

Mayor Mosley noted that Mr. Bilo has always tried to work closely with the town and has done a good job of shielding his projects from residents, so the devastating loss of trees was a surprise to her.  A meeting will occur with State Delegate Ivey and members of Program Open Space Department of the State on August 13.  Mayor Mosley will bring up CM Schachter’s suggestion of purchasing the tree stand area and although she does not believe the town can afford to purchase the land at this time, there may be other possibilities to consider.  CM Callahan will present the town’s position at the meeting.  Mayor Mosley suggested that she and other Council members visit Boyd Park with maps to view the scope of the project from the Boyd Park perspective.  She also stated that she was very pleased that Mr. Bilo withdrew his application and looks forward to working toward an agreement that will save the last stand of trees.

CM Ford noted that Mr. Bilo’s attorney stated that tours were provided at a plant in Virginia and wondered if a similar tour could be scheduled for the Mayor’s Council.  Mayor Mosley suggested Mr. Warrington work on a scheduling a tour for August.  CM Ford wants to see the difference between the plant that is visible near where the new stadium for the Nationals is located and this development project.  Mayor Mosley indicated that it would be beneficial to review the current environmental study and what section of the development project will not be enclosed, which she believes will only be one section.  

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 pm.
Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
July 12, 2007

1. CM Ford moved to excuse CM Callahan.  Seconded by CM Schachter.  Unanimously approved.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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