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10/12/2006 Town Meeting
October 12, 2006  Town Meeting

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
October 12, 2006

Call to Order
Mayor Mosley called the meeting to order at 8:15 p.m. in the Cheverly Community Center.  There were 7 citizens in attendance.  

In attendance:  Mr. Warrington, Attorney Colaresi, Chief Robshaw, CMs Ford, Oslik, Hofmann, Watson, and Schachter.

Mayor Mosley apologized for the delay in starting; the delay was due to the celebration honoring the retirement of Clarence Sollers.

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Mosley added recognition of Clarence Sollers after Mayor and Council Announcements.  She also added a presentation to CM Hoffman who is retiring as CM after Citizen Input.  She added as Item 12, discussion and authorization to fund a $1000 reward for the Police Department for information leading to arrests in recent criminal incidents.

Minutes – 9/28/06 Worksession
There were no actions to approve.

Town Administrators Report
Mr. Warrington reported that the gymnasium floor installation took a little longer than expected but the gym should be ready for the Flea Market.

The Police Department parking lots have been paved and contractors have installed the roof.  Interior work is being done now and the estimated time of completion is January.  

Mayor Mosley added that the fence along Tuxedo Road looks great and probably provides additional safety.  She asked when the lighting for the path across the field would be finished and when the Police       would be finished.  Mr. Warrington responded that once permits have been received by PEPCO, lighting would be installed. Estimated time for completion is January.  

CM Oslik asked whether PEPCO has responded to Cheverly’s concerns.  Mayor Mosley responded that PEPCO has responded verbally, but not in writing.

CM Schacther asked for a status on the Dog Park.  Mayor Mosley responded that more information will be provided in the next Newsletter FYI.  A full-fledged study was requested from Park and Planning; Park and Planning agreed to conduct the study but they would not build the park or fund it because of community resistance.  CM Watson clarified that Park and Planning would gauge community consensus once the study has been completed.

CM Schachter asked that the Dog Park be placed on the Worksession agenda for consideration for an alternate location.  Mayor Mosley asked Mr. Warrington to confirm with Park and Planning that they will conduct the study.

Police Department Report
Chief Robshaw expressed his appreciation for the 100+ residents who attended the October 2nd C-PACT meeting that was announced via the electronic message board.  Discussions included grouping crimes and case closure rate.  Cheverly is not alone in dealing with the crime increase.

Chief Robshaw summarized four main points from the CPACT meeting.

1.      Curfew.  Any child under the age of 17 must off the streets before 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and by midnight on Friday and Saturday.  Juveniles can be arrested and parents fined if found in violation.  He encouraged parents to be aware of where their children are and encouraged residents to report juveniles who are out past curfew.  
2.      Rewards.  The Town offers a $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest (not conviction).
3.      Charged as adults. Juveniles are being charged as adults and sent to the County Detention Center.
4.      Who is committing crimes in Cheverly.  People who know the town’s layout have committed the majority of burglaries.

Crime stats will be posted on the Cheverly website.  Chief Robshaw discussed all open cases at the CPACT meeting. The next CPACT meeting will be held the first week in November and will be posted on the electronic message board.   In order to maximize visibility of the message board, it will be moved around town.
CM Oslik asked if it is possible for criminal reports to be posted on the website.  Chief Robshaw responded that this option is being considered for serious crimes, which have been closed in an arrest.  He encouraged people to email him at if they have any questions.

Vice Mayor Ford asked whether the County's new radio system would work with the Town’s new system.  Chief Robshaw responded that the department is using an interim system until 2008 or 2009 when it is upgraded to the permanent net, which will be compatible to the entire Metropolitan area.  The current radio system will work with the County’s system.

CM Schachter inquired about grant money for video cameras for Cheverly Avenue.  Chief Robshaw responded that this project is more expensive than originally anticipated.  It will be the middle of next year before he can apply for a grant for this request since a new grant year has begun.
CM Schacther asked if it would be valuable to publicize the names of Cheverly criminals who have committed crimes in Cheverly in the Newsletter and on the website.  Chief Robshaw responded that he did not know enough about this to comment.

Presentation to CM Hofmann
CM Hofmann thanked everyone (his family, colleagues, citizens, Staff, signers and camera crew) for supporting him during his tenure as Councilman.  He has accepted a position as Vice President of Northwestern Arkansas College.  He and his family will be relocating.  

Mayor Mosley presented CM Hofmann with the Cheverly flag and the key to the city.

Mayor and Council Announcements
Mayor Mosley announced that a Ward 1 Councilmember can be appointed by Council and will have the option to run for election in May.  Letters of interest must be sent to the Town Office by October 19.  Interviews will be conducted and a selection will be made at the October 26 Worksession.  

Worksession: Addison Row@Cheverly Metro, Ward 1 CM voting, Columbia Park Road lights, renewal of lobbyist contract, closed session to discuss goals and objectives for the Town Administrator, email and website, dog park and pandemic flu preparedness.

CM Schachter expressed interest in installing surveillance cameras and publishing the names of convicted felons (crimes committed against Cheverly residents and residents who have committed crimes).

Mayor Mosley added that at the last Worksession and at the September Town Meeting there was discussion about the use of paper ballots at the May election.  More information will be provided in the next Newsletter.  

Presentation to Clarence Sollers
Mr. Sollers expressed his gratitude to the current and past staff, citizens, mayors and councilmembers.  He noted that Cheverly was a great place to work and he enjoyed driving through the town and showing his grandchildren projects he worked on and helped accomplish.  He will miss everyone.  

Committee Reports

Recreation Council
Barbara Pejokovich announced the Halloween Party would be held on October 28th at 11:30AM.   The Flea Market will be held on Saturday, October 14th  (set up is on October 13th).  The market is from 9:00AM – 2:00PM.  Proceeds go toward two $500 John Dent scholarships.  

Cheverly Day Committee
There was no report.

Citizen Input
Mr. Madison, 6509 Maureen Court, thanked the Mayor and CM Ford for the cleanup of and maintenance of the trash container near Maureen Court.   He added that there is a dead tree on the corner that could fall on his home if not removed.  There is standing water in that area and garbage in areas behind some homes that need attention.

Mayor Mosley added that Public Works should receive acknowledgement for cleaning up the Maureen Court right-of-way.  The other area Mr. Madison is referring to is on private property.  She and CM Ford suggested a cleanup day but this would require permission from property owners.  She will have Mr. Warrington find out whether the dead tree is on private property, if so, it cannot be removed by the Town.

Mayor Mosley responded that the trucks that park on the corner near Oak Street are outside of Town limits.  Some of the trucks have been ticketed and removed but this will be an ongoing battle.

Discussion – Addison Row Development Proposal
Mayor Mosley summarized that there had been an application for rezoning of a 34-acre site located on the south side of Route 50 from I1 and I2 to Mixed Use.  The Park and Planning Staff report for the application came out a week before the September Town Meeting.  The Cheverly Planning Board took no position but stated many concerns about this project, such as parking, loss of green space and infrastructure.  A letter was sent to Park and Planning saying that a zoning hearing was scheduled within days of the Town receiving the Staff Report.   If the hearing was not delayed per Cheverly’s request, the Town threatened to not support.  At a special Worksession, Douglas Development (property owners) presented their proposal and answered questions.  They were asked to request a delay of the October 26th Planning Board hearing.  The Town did not indicate to Douglas support of their application.  Mayor Mosley announced that she and CM Oslik spoke with County CM Harrington who supports rezoning, not necessarily the project.  She asked whether the Town supports the zoning and the deal with consideration for the project at a later date, or is there a possibility that Douglass Development could come up with a project the Town could support?

CM Watson added that Mr. Bruce (Douglas Development) is under the impression that the Town cannot take an official position at a Worksession, which is incorrect.  CM Watson added that the project is up for a hearing before the Zoning Hearing Examiner on November 1.  

Vice Mayor Ford added that the developer assumed that support of the request to rezone equals approval of the plan.

CM Oslik stated that the zoning issue poses risks.  The developer wants to know that stakeholders (Cheverly, Fairmont Heights, etc) will support the project so that he can build.  The risk remains that the property could be leased or sold and used as industrial.  Also, the transportation issue is a critical consideration suggestions have included routing traffic through Old Ward 4.

Mayor Mosley added that the Park and Planning Staff Report did not support the zoning change because there was no direct access to the Cheverly Metro among other unclear issues.
CM Schacther added that the proposal is short on detail.  Further the Cheverly Metro development project is underway.  Citizens from Old Ward 4 have organized to be in a position to bargain with any developer who would want to look at that area.  No one has an idea how this proposal would impact development at the Cheverly Metro.  Would it promote or preclude additional development?

CM Schacther stated his opposition to zoning changes in the near future.  The only argument he has heard in favor of such a project is the notion that if the development does not go through, a dump or other undesirable industrial usage will be approved for that area.  

Mayor Mosley added that Douglas Development has not threatened that they will sell the property.  A Task Force was working with the Michael Company on another piece of property and was in discussions with Douglass to gain access through the Michael Company for transportation.  Michael, however, settled and sold to Smith and Sons Recycling.

Vice Mayor Ford added that the traffic study will reveal key considerations and could stop the deal.

CM Watson added that the plan is sketchy.  If substantive information is not received by Douglas by October 26, he would not support the zoning change.  He will push for a position by October 26.

Mayor Mosley added that she does not know where she stands on the project.  She opposes industrial usage for the site and she prefers a mixed-use designation.  Douglas has not been working with the Town.
Douglas will present their proposal again on October 26. The only way the Town will take a position after this date is if the Zoning Hearing is postponed from November 1.   The Council has asked the Ward 4 Civic Association to present a proposal.  

Mayor Mosley stated that she would contact Mr. Bruce and tell him that if the hearing examiners meeting remains on November 1 the Town will take a position.  If the hearing is delayed, Douglas Development may attend the November 9 Town Meeting.

Discussion – Peace Park
Joyce Lang, Women’s Club, summarized that an amended proposal and resolution was submitted to the Mayor and Council for the rededication and renaming of Pinkey's Park.  She acknowledged four letters of support from residents Cathy Smith, Tammie Nelson-Stringer, John Rebstock and Joani Horchler.  Former CM and resident Dorothy Thomas McLain also supports this project.

CM Oslik added that as a result of discussions at the Worksession and other meetings he supports the Resolution in Support of the Cheverly Peace Garden (attached).

·       CM Oslik moved adoption of the Resolution in support of the Cheverly Peace Garden at Pinkey’s Park.  Seconded by CM Hofmann.  

CM Schachter indicated his concern that the word peace would have a political connotation.  He had suggested the following changes in wording of the resolution.  If accepted, he would fully support the motion.

“…space to promote peace and non violence within our town and offer citizens of Cheverly”
“…as proposed the establishment of a Cheverly Peace Garden as a place to go to expand and enrich the peace in their hearts.”

“Whereas the Cheverly Women’s Club has identified a range of possible activities associated with a peace garden including Cheverly activities”

Amend with:
“Whereas the Cheverly Women’s Club has identified a range of possible activities associated with the Cheverly Peace Garden including a peace pole, having children painting peace rocks, and writing what peace means to them, a peace bench and peace plantings.  Also, small groups of children could visit and learn about Pinkey Oden, her life and works in order to keep her name alive to the younger generation.”

CM Schacther added that the above eliminates the connotations of protest or anti-anything.

CM Oslik supported the second proposed change.  In terms of the connotation of protest, people will most likely gather at locations of significance (Legion Park, military installations).  He asked CM Schachter to consider this on a local versus a global level.  

Mayor Mosley stated that she has no problem with the motion as initially worded.  She did not agree with CM Schachter's concerns that individuals may demonstrate at the park.  

CM Hofmann did not agree that peace is divisive.  He supports both recommended changes.  The wording is not as relevant as having a peace garden.

Vice Mayor Ford stated his support of the second portion.  He disagrees that non-violence is passive. History shows that the productivity that has resulted from nonviolent movements.
CM Watson agreed with Vice Mayor Ford.

·       CM Watson moved adoption of the resolution as originally moved to include the language in the Women’s Club letter that describes the kind of peace activities they would propose.  Seconded by CM Ford.  Unanimously approved.

Introduction O-3-06 Amending Chapter 10 Special Trash
Attorney Colaresi summarized that this change allows the Town to raise fees if trash is over 50 lbs. per item or if there are more than three items left for special trash collection.  It also states that automotive parts will not be removed.

Mr. Warrington added that recently, the volume left behind after residents moved has overwhelmed the Sanitation Department.
Discussion and Authorization for a Budget Transfer of $1,000 for Police Department Rewards
§       CM Watson moved to transfer $1,000 from Mayor and Council salaries to have these funds available for the police department.  Seconded by CM Oslik.  Unanimously approved.

Mayor Mosley added that Chief Robshaw is trying to get a cell phone tipster line.   She directed Mr. Warrington to post this information on cable.  

Mayor Mosley thanked Former Mayor Dwyer for posting flyers on his street with information on one of the robberies.   She also thanked him for attending the celebration honoring Clarence Sollers.
Meeting adjourned 10:45 p.m.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
October 12, 2006

1.      CM Oslik moved adoption of the Resolution in support of the Cheverly Peace Garden at Pinkey’s Park.  Seconded by CM Hofmann.  
2.      CM Watson moved adoption of the resolution as originally moved to include the language in the Women’s Club letter that describes the kind of peace activities they would propose.  Seconded by CM Ford.  Unanimously approved.
3.      CM Watson moved to transfer $1,000 from Mayor and Council salaries to have these funds available for the police department.  Seconded by CM Oslik.  Unanimously approved.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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