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February 26, 2017 Worksession




1.  Variance V-9-17 – 3103 Belleview Avenue & 6327 Joslyn Place

2.  Addison Road Property Update

3.  Economic Development Corporation

4.  Pepco Tree Removal Request

5.  Pepco Tree Removal Policy

6.  Grant Request – Green Infrastructure Committee

7.  PG 418-17 Municipal Authority to Regulate Fences                                    

8.  Review of A-10035 Decision

9.  Status/Budget Adjustment – Kilmer Street

10.  FY18 Capital Improvement Program Preliminary Discussion

11.  Letter of Support for Highway User Revenues

12.  Potential Land Acquisition                                         *

  • = Attorney Items
* = This portion of the meeting may be closed to the public in accordance with State law.

Sign language interpreters and/or other accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request.

1)Variance Request – 3103 Belleview Avenue: Homeowner addition requires a 3 foot variance on the side of the lot.
2) Addison Road Development Update: Developers will attend the work
Session to discuss updated plans for the project at Addison Road. ~

3) Economic Development Corporation (Tentative): The Council has requested
someone from the Economic Development Corporation to attend the work
session to discuss possible strategies for filling existing vacancies in
the Cheverly Industrial Park. ~

4) Pepco Tree Removal Request: Pepco has identified two trees in the
Beaver Dam Creek "right of way" for removal. ~A resident has
asked that the trees be evaluated for health and whether they are truly a
problem for the electrical service. ~The council will consider the
information and make a decision as to whether to remove.

5) Pepco Tree Removal Policy: In the past cyclical Pepco tree removals
have come to the council for review prior to approval of tree removals.
Interim requests from Pepco have been reviewed by the Mayor for approval.
This discussion is to adopt Town Policy to ensure all tree removal
requests come to the Town Council for Approval

6) Green Infrastructure Cmte Grant Request: The Green Infrastructure Cmte
has submitted a request to support the Students Today Leaders Forever
stream clean up in March.

7) PG418-17 Municipal Authority to Regulate Fences: ~The State Legislature
is considering PG Delegation Legislation to allow greater municipal
control of the regulation of fences. ~Municipalities in general, support
greater control of local codes. ~The Town Administrator will review the
legislation and provide the council with a review as to what this would
allow municipalities to do. ~The council will decide whether to provide
support for the legislation.

8) Review of A-10035 Decision: The District Council recently heard the
case to revert the zoning of the Smithfield Property from I-3 to I-2.
This property is located on Columbia Park Road just south of the Cheverly
Metro. I-2 is a more intense zoning code that allows company's to retain
less wooded area. ~If the District Council votes to allow the rezoning
(Likely) then Cheverly's only alternative ~is to appeal in court.

Also under discussion will be recent conversations with the property owners
and potential options that may be available.

9: Status / Budget Adjustment for 6401 Kilmer: The Town Administrator will provide a
review of what actions have occurred and actions still need to occur to
open the property to 6401 Kilmer Road to the Public. ~The Town
Administrator is also proposing a Budget Adjustment for an overhead door
for the garage on the property. ~

10) FY18 Capital Project Discussion: The Town Administrator will lead the discussion of items submitted by the Town Staff.

11) Letter of Support for Highway User Revenues: the Mayor will present this item.

12) Potential Land Acquisition: the town Administrator will present and opportunity to purchase land.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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