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January 28, 2016 Worksession

ITEMS FOR TOWN MEETING February 11, 2016



1. Wal-Mart Expansion
2.  Inter-Municipal Bike Infrastructure MOU

3.  Tremont Avenue Speed Hump Request

4.  Valley Way Speed Hump Repair/Raised Crosswalks
5. Cheverly Avenue & Montrose Road Bump Out & Crossing

6. Streetlight Request – Joslyn

7. Discussion O-1-16 Amending the Housing Code Requirements

8. Discussion – Town FY16 Audit

9. Discussion – FY17 Capital Improvement Program Items

10. Smithfield Property – (A-10035)

11. Discussion O-2-16 Amending Holiday Leave

12. Zoning and Code Strategies


  • = Attorney Items
* = This portion of the meeting may be closed to the public in accordance with State law.

Sign language interpreters and/or other accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request.

1.  Wal-Mart Expansion
Decision Required: Whether to oppose.

Attached is the 2005 Resolution between the Town of Cheverly and Wal-Mart.  The Mayor has added this item as Wal-Mart is seeking an expansion to sell grocery items.

2. Inter-Municipal Bike Infrastructure MOU
Decision Required: None.

CM Eldridge has added this item and will address.

3. Tremont Avenue Speed Hump Request
Decision Required: Whether to approve.
The Staff installed the speed/volume counter upon receipt of the request.  Attached are the results.  Based on this information, staff does not think a speed hump is warranted.

4. Valley Way Speed Hump Repairs – Raised Crosswalks
Decision Required: Whether to repair or replace.

The Staff were directed to look at the possibility of installing raised crosswalks on the ebd if the blocks where the current speed hump in need of repair exists.  The Director of Public Works has provided technical data regarding this matter in order to properly make a determination.  If the Mayor and Council wish to remove the speed hump and install “bookend” raised crosswalks, then this can be accomplished in the spring.

5. Cheverly Avenue and Montrose Road Design
Decision Required: Whether to consider hiring a traffic engineer.

The Mayor and Town Council directed the Public Works Director to obtain a price for a traffic engineer to look at the proposed changes to this intersection.  The cost for engineering for this item is approximately $20,000.  The cost of construction will have to be determined after the engineering is completed.

6. Street Light Request - Joslyn
Decision Required: Whether to authorize a streetlight installation.

Councilmember Daly requested this item.  The Director of Public Works has been out at night and concurs that a light is need on the requested pole.  There is a gap between lights on Joslyn and lighting on 63rd creating a dead zone.  A motion will be needed to direct staff to place an order with Pepco.

7. O-1-16 Amending the Housing Code
Decision Required: Whether to introduce.
The Code Enforcement Officer was confronted with a landlord – tenant issue during the recent cold snap.  When referring to the Code as to the requirements for providing heat, the Code was not what was expected.  The attached change to the Town Code will hopefully remove any ambiguity.

8. FY16 Town Audit
Decision Required: None.

The FY16 Audit was distributed in early December.  All questions provided have been answered.

9. FY17 Capital Improvement Program
Decision Required: None.

The Department of Public Works and the Police Department have prepared memorandums describing the needs of each Department for items that should be considered in the FY17 Capital Improvement Program Budget.  A separate folder has been provided, please bring this to the meeting and to future budget discussion meetings.

10. Smithfield Property (FFA-10035)
Decision Required: Whether to take a position.

The Mayor has added this item to the agenda and will address.

11. Discussion O-2-16 Holiday Leave
Decision Required: Whether to introduce.

Attached is a proposed change to the Town Code in order to correct/address the differences between shift and non-shift employees.

12. Zoning and Code Strategies
Decision Required: None.

CM Eldridge has added this item to the agenda and will address.

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