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October 28 Worksession


ITEMS FOR TOWN MEETING – November 11, 2010

1. Introduction O-1-11 Amending the Parking Section

1. Discussion – Updating Building Use Policy                            a

2. Discussion – Ordinance O-5-10 Amending the Parking Section           a

3. Discussion – New Ethics Requirements                                 a

4. 5901 Medical Terrace Update

5. Photo Enforcement Division Review
6. Safe Routes to School Grant

7. Discussion – Amending the Gast Park Master Plan

8. Discussion – Possible Cul-de-Sac Designation

9. First Quarter Update FY11 Budget             

10. Budget Matter – Position Upgrade



13. Approval of Meeting Minutes

(a) = Attorney Items
Sign language interpreters and/or other accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request.

* = This portion of the meeting may be closed to the public in accordance with State law.

1.      Discussion Updating Building Use Policy
        Decision Required: Whether to adopt.

This item has been on a number of agendas. The Town Attorney drafted changes to the current policy.  At the last Worksession the Mayor asked the Council to prepare/proffer changes prior to the Worksession.  To date no changes have been put forth.

2.      Ordinance Regarding Commercial Vehicle Cover Regulations
        Decision Required: Whether to introduce.

        The Town Attorney has prepared an ordinance regarding acceptable covers for commercial vehicles as      requested at the last worksession

3.      Discussion New State Ethics Requirements
        Decision Required: None.

        The Mayor has requested a briefing from the Town Attorney regarding the new ethics requirements         legislated by the State General Assembly, how they apply to municipal officials and whether the Town’s  current practices are in compliance.

4.  5901 Medical Terrace Briefing
        Decision Required: None.
        The Town has issued a building permit for this property and the Mayor and Council are seeking an update         regarding the process/timeline for construction.

5.  Photo Enforcement Division
        Decision Required: None.
        The Mayor and Town Council have asked for an analysis of the first quarter of operations for the photo  enforcement division of the police department’s operations.  Attached is a memorandum.

6.  Safe Routes to School Grant
        Decision Required: Whether to pursue.
Councilmember Eldridge will present this item. The goal of the submittal is to obtain funding to improve pedestrian/bicycle safety for the children attending Cheverly schools (see attached information).

7.  Gast Park Equipment Request – Master Plan Amendment
        Decision Required: Whether or not a Master Plan Amendment is required.
        The had this item on their September agenda.  Information was requested, which included cost, site      location and photos of the equipment.  A cost sheet was provided, which will require a budget adjustment        if the Mayor and Council move forward.  The other items are still pending.

8.      Possible Cul-de-Sac Designation
        Decision Required:  Whether to consider and move forward.

        The Mayor and Town Council, as a preliminary measure, asked the Director of Public Works to look at     the possibility of creating a cul-de-sac from a current through street.  A memorandum has been prepared         for consideration.  If the Mayor and Council find the prospect worth pursuing, then inquiries to other  government agencies, notices to residents and public hearings would follow..

9.  First Quarter Financial Update
        Decision Required: None.
The Town Administrator will provide an overview of the fist quarters revenues and expenses as requested by the Mayor and Council  see attached memorandum).

10. Budget Matter – Position Upgrade
        Decision Required: None.
The Town Administrator will provide background on this matter to the Mayor and Council (see attached memorandum).

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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