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September 23 Worksession


ITEMS FOR TOWN MEETING – October 14, 2010

1. Approval O-4-10 Amending Speed Hump Requirements

1. Discussion – Updating Building Use Policy                                    a

2. Discussion – Commercial Vehicle Cover Regulations                    a

3. Discussion – Dead Tree Policy/Procedures                                     a                       

4. Director of Public Works Annual Update       

5.  Pros and Cons of R-7-10 State Shared Revenue                                
6. Legion Park Electrical Upgrade

7. 5901 Medical Terrace

8. Gast Park Equipment Request                  

9. Discussion - Town Position on CB-80-2010

10. Speed Camera Letter



13. Approval of Meeting Minutes

(a) = Attorney Items
Sign language interpreters and/or other accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request.

* = This portion of the meeting may be closed to the public in accordance with State law.

1.      Discussion Updating Building Use Policy
        Decision Required: Whether to adopt.

This item was on the agenda at previous meetings.  Attached are some recommendations offered by the Town Attorney to the current policy.

2.      Commercial Vehicle Cover Regulations
        Decision Required: Whether to adopt.

        The Town Administrator and Town Attorney have prepared some regulations in order to set standards for acceptable covers.

3.      Dead Tree Policy and Procedures
        Decision Required: None.

        The Mayor and Town Council have requested a briefing on the policy and procedures followed by staff in  addressing the issue of dead trees on private property.  Attached are the references in the Town Code.

4.  Director of Public Works – Annual Briefing
        Decision Required: None.
        Please provide the Director of Public Works questions in advance regarding any public works related matters that you would like him to address.

5.  Pros and Cons of R-7-10 State Shared Revenue Resolution
        Decision Required: Whether or not to pass.
        The Mayor and Town Council addressed this matter at the Town Meeting.  This resolution urges the 47th   Delegation and the Governor to restore funding taken from designated municipal disbursements and        provide the opportunity for additional municipal revenue sources.

6.      Legion Park Electrical Upgrade
        Decision Required:  None.

        The Mayor and Town Council allocated funds for the upgrade of the electrical system at Legion Park.  Staff is seeking direction regarding specifics.

7.  Discussion Status of 5901 Medical Terrace
        Decision Required: None.
The Town Administrator will provide an update on the status of permits and construction for this project.

8.  Gast Park Equipment Request – Master Plan Amendment
        Decision Required: Whether or not a Master Plan Amendment is required.
        The Town develops its parks based on adopted Master Plans.  The reason behind such Master Plans is to   gain adequate input, prior to adoption, and adequate input if a change is proposed.  Depending upon the         degree of change, the Mayor and Council can authorize minor items.  CM Eldridge has asked that this matter be placed on the agenda and will address.

9.  Discussion – Town Position CB 80-2010
        Decision Required: Whether to take a position.
The Town Mayor has been approached by local groups to have the Town take a position on this County bill.  The bill has been forwarded to the Councilmembers for review.

10. Speed Camera Letter
        Decision Required: Whether to send the letter.
Attached is the most recent correspondence with SHA regarding Speed Cameras on Route 202.  Also attached is a proposed letter to the Town’s Senator and Delegates along with background information.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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