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August 26, 2010 Worksession


ITEMS FOR TOWN MEETING – September 10, 2010

1. Second Reading O-4-10 Amending Speed Hump Requirements

1. Discussion – Building Use                                                    a*

2. Discussion – Potential Land Acquisition                                      a*

3. Chief of Police Annual Update                                

4. Hillside Avenue – Speed Hump Request

5. Update – Youth Request For Proposal                          
6. Councilmember Harrison Meeting Briefing

7. Discussion Request/Relocating Firefighter Memorial

8. Gast Park Equipment Request                  

9.  R-7-10 Resolution Regarding State Revenue

10. Discussion – Setting a Meeting with PGHC



13. Approval of Meeting Minutes

(a) = Attorney Items
Sign language interpreters and/or other accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request.

* = This portion of the meeting may be closed to the public in accordance with State law.

1.      *Discussion Building Use
        Decision Required: None.

        This item was on an agenda in May and staff was directed to provide the Mayor and Council with a Master list of groups and their status.  The Mayor and Council have directed Legal Counsel to perform  case law research.  This portion of the meeting will be closed if Legal Counsel is providing the Mayor and Council with legal advice.  A secondary discussion, open to the public, will cover week end and off hour     usage when staff members are not scheduled.

2.      *Discussion Potential Land Acquisition
        Decision Required: None.

        The Town Administrator will brief the Mayor and Town Council regarding a parcel of land for consideration.

3.      Chief of Police Annual Report
        Decision Required: None.

        The Mayor and Town Council are to provide the Chief of Police questions in advance regarding any subject they would like the Chief to address.

4.  Discussion Hillside Avenue – Speed Hump Request
        Decision Required: Whether to approve and whether one or two.
        The Mayor and Council held a Public Hearing on this matter at the August Town Meeting.  The record was held open and additional information was requested from the Director of Public Works (see attached       memorandum) as to the benefit and location of installing 2 speed humps.

5.  Discussion Youth Program Development – Request for Proposal
        Decision Required: Whether to award a contract.
        The Mayor and Council evaluated the submissions and asked the Town Administrator to check with previous clients listed as references.  The Mayor and Council will have to consider a budget adjustment if they  wish to award the contract.

6.      Meeting with County Councilmember Harrison / SHA/ Tuxedo Developer
        Decision Required:  None.

        A list of issues was provided to the Mayor and Council of subjects to be discussed.  If you have misplaced      it or need another, please let the front office know before the meeting so a replacement can be provided. The Mayor will provide an update of feedback received at the meeting.

7.  Discussion Request to Relocated Firefighter Memorial
        Decision Required: None.
        A former resident contacted the town from Florida having read somewhere that the Tuxedo-Cheverly Fire Station was closing and noted that there was a memorial on site for a fallen firefighter from Cheverly.  He has requested that the Town of Cheverly obtain the memorial and relocate it in Town. The property is still owned by Prince George’s County.

8.  Gast Park Equipment Request – Master Plan Amendment
        Decision Required: Whether or not a Master Plan Amendment is required.
        The Town develops its parks based on adopted Master Plans.  The reason behind such Master Plans is to   gain adequate input, prior to adoption, and adequate input if a change is proposed.  Depending upon the         degree of change, the Mayor and Council can authorize minor items.  CM Eldridge has asked that this matter be placed on the agenda and will address.

9.  R-7-10 State Shared Revenue Resolution
        Decision Required: Whether or not to pass.
        The Mayor and Town Council addressed this matter at the Town Meeting.  This resolution urges the 47th   Delegation and the Governor to restore funding taken from designated municipal disbursements and provide the opportunity for additional municipal revenue sources.

10.  Discussion – Setting a Meeting with PGHC
        Decision Required: When to hold a meeting.
        The Mayor has added this item to the agenda and will address.  The goal is to improve communications with the administration of PGHC.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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