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CBOES Meeting Minutes 4/7/11
Cheverly Board of Election Supervisors
Meeting Minutes
April 7, 2011

Attendees:      Al Dwyer, Supervisor
        Patty Gardner, Supervisor
        Robin Kaye, Supervisor Chair
        Joseph Pruden
        Susan Pruden
        Mike Callahan, Mayor
Next meeting:   April 11, 2011 8 pm

  • Meeting called to order at 7:12 pm.
  • Minutes from the previous meeting were read.  Motion to approve the minutes passed unanimously.
  • Reviewed absentee ballot requests thus far.  There have been five requests, all of which were approved by Patty Gardner.  Three absentee ballots have been mailed out.
  • Reviewed two write-in applications for Ward 5.  Each petitioner fulfilled the requirements for candidacy except that they both actually live in Ward 6, not Ward 5.  Therefore, they could not be certified.  Resolved to write a letter to the petitioners with an explanation, and ask the Town Clerk to include a blank write-in application with the mailing in case they want to apply for Ward 6 candidacy.
  • Reviewed the ballots that were made up by the town staff and resolved that they are insufficient in instructions as well as providing line for write-in candidates.  They’re also too large for ease of sorting and counting.  The Board will create new ballots to be reviewed at the next meeting, approved, and provided to the Town Clerk for duplication.
  • Discussed the handling of write-in candidates on election day and reviewed the sections of the code pertaining to write-in candidates.  Resolved to provide lists of certified write-in candidates per each Ward along with the ballot mock-ups that will be taped to a table in the lobby of the Community Center on election day.
  • Candidate notices – we need to ask Richard to write up a candidate notice and have the town send them to the candidates.  If/when write-in candidates are certified, provide letters for them too.
  • Assessed the supplies that are currently in the file cabinet.  Determined that we need a pencil sharpener, legal size envelopes, 3 staplers, 10 name tag holders, and 10 legal pads.  A request will be made to the town to provide these supplies.
  • The “missing” voter cards from last year’s election were discovered in the file cabinet while assessing the supplies.  Cards had been pulled, initialed, and bound in rubber bands per Ward.  Discussion on this topic was tabled until the end of the meeting.
  • Resolved to create a checklist to show 1. chain of custody of items provided from the county to the town and the town to the Board, and/or 2. items provided by the town to the Board as requested, such as the supplies listed above.  This checklist will have places for signatures / dates by a town staff member and a Board member.
  • Discussed that we should remind the town clerk to get the judges sworn in before the election.
  • Called Mayor Callahan at 8:40 to request his attendance at the meeting.  After his arrival, a discussion ensued about the discovery of the “missing” voter cards.  The Mayor agreed to consult with David Warrington and Richard Colaresi then contact Robin Kaye by Monday, April 11 with the summaries of those discussions and potential dates for a meeting with pertinent parties to review exactly what transpired with these voter cards.
  • Motion to adjourn passed unanimously at 9:30 pm.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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