Town of Cheverly, MD
6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
ph: (301) 773-8360
R-2-16 Appointing Election Judges

Appointment of Election Judges

        WHEREAS, the Mayor and Council of the Town of Cheverly, Maryland, desire to make appointments to the position of election judges.

        NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that in accordance with the provisions
of Section C-18c of the Charter of the Town of Cheverly, Maryland, the following persons are appointed as election judges to assist the Board of Election Supervisors in the registration of voters and the conduct of elections in 2016:

        Ward 1: David LaVoy

        Ward 2: Barbara Goodalle

        Ward 3: Barbara Pejokovich

        Ward 4: Gary Williams

        Ward 5: Kayla Moore

        Ward 6: Stacy Kelly

These appointments are effective on the date of this resolution.

Adopted:  January 14, 2016


        Councilmember                           Councilmember

        Councilmember                           Councilmember

                                                                                                Councilmember                           Councilmember