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Pepco Letter
Pepco Letter

                                                                        January 17, 2012
Mr. Tom Graham
c/o Pepco
701 Ninth Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20068

Mr. Graham,

        Power reliability in the Town of Cheverly has vastly improved over the last year.  We have experienced fewer “clear sky” outages and those we have experienced have been the result of cars hitting telephone poles and creating major outages.    Pepco’s efforts trimming trees, replacing poles and wires have made a difference in our town.

        However, residents still have serious concerns

about the aging infrastructure in our back yard alleys.  Pepco’s infrastructure replacement efforts in our town have focused on easily accessible areas.  However, wires and poles in alleys are what really require attention.  When outages caused by the car accidents occurred, surges in the system have caused explosions in these areas.  Alleys between Belleview Avenue and Cheverly Avenue as well as Belleview and Lake have long been trouble areas.

        Residents in these areas have requested rebates from Pepco for electrical damages to their homes, and in many cases been received compensation.  These issues continue to this day and it is critical infrastructure in this area is addressed.  

        We ask for your commitment to ensure that these areas are upgraded.  Out Town Administrator and Public Works Director are available to discuss this matter further.  Please contact them at (301) 773-8360.


                                                                        Mike Callahan
                                                                        Mayor, Town of Cheverly

Cc: 47th Delegation.
Andrea Harrison  

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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