Town of Cheverly, MD
6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
ph: (301) 773-8360
MTA-CSX Letter
MTA-CSX Letter

                                                                                January 12, 20111

Mr. John Newton
Manager, Environmental Planning Division
Maryland Transportation Administration
#6 Paul Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202-6806

The Town of Cheverly, in keeping with its commitment to the environmental, agrees with the stated goal of the CSX-JD to Jones Hill project is to increase the traffic flow of MARC commuter trains.   Hopefully this will also increase ridership, reducing the stress on our highways.

In this vein, we’d like to see a key objective of this project to be “improve non-motorized traffic in the area”.  The State of Maryland, Department of Transportation and the District of Columbia have invested heavily to build the Anacostia River Trail.  This project provides a unique opportunity to maximize that investment, by allowing neighboring communities’ access to the Anacostia River Trail.  Please consider the following:

•~~ ~Design a safe crossing at Lloyd Street by providing a bicycle and pedestrian-safe surface and by providing adequate signal and other safety measures.

•~~ ~Design a rail-with-trail that would build a pedestrian-bicycle trail parallel to track.  The trail should run from the near Belmont Street in Cheverly, to Lloyd Street, where it would join the connector trail.

The Town of Cheverly also concurs with Bladensburg Mayor Walter L. James that the bridge crossing the Anacostia River be raised in an effort to improve boat traffic allowing economic growth of the Bladensburg Water Park.  

We expect the project will be executed in a manner that is respectful to the already stressed environment in the area. Hopefully, “meeting existing regulations” will not be the goal.  Instead we would like to see this project exceeding standards when restoring the areas of disturbance.  

One key area of environmental concern is any impact to Quincy Run.  Today, Quincy Run is piped under the tracks.  If during the design of the project it becomes possible to daylight the stream in this area that would be a significant benefit.  


Mike Callahan
Mayor, Town of Cheverly

CC: Andrea Harrison, 47th Delegation, Mayor Walker, John Moss.