Town of Cheverly, MD
6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
ph: (301) 773-8360
D'Ranch Liquor License
D'Ranch Liqour License
Town of Cheverly

Chairman                                                                August 18, 2017
Board of License Commissioners
County Service Building 5012
Rhode Island Avenue, Room 204
Hyattsville, Maryland  20781

The Town Council of the Town of Cheverly continues to oppose the issuance of a Class B, Beer, Wine and Liquor License for the use of the De Revolution 2000, Inc., t/a De Ranch Restaurant, 3511 Maryland Avenue, Cheverly, 20785.  

However, if the Liquor Board decides that a liquor license should be granted to De’Ranch the Town of Cheverly believes that it should be granted with conditions that have been used elsewhere in the county. These conditions are particularly appropriate given the owner’s stated preference to operate a family restaurant and that this location is in close proximity to residential homes.  We are specifically opposed to the use of the restaurant as a bar, lounge, or late night club.

Please consider the following conditions:
  •   No “Special Entertainment Permit” (no live bands, DJs, etc. ) anytime
  •  A maximum of one third of monthly income from alcohol
  •  Full menu dining service until closing (i.e., not open as a de facto late night club)
  •  Do not allow the service of alcohol after 11:00PM  
  •  Reevaluate business hours six months after opening.
We do oppose the issuance of a license, however if the Liquor Board decides to issue a license we ask that it is done with the following enforceable conditions.  We believe these conditions address community concerns about operating after usual dining hours and ensure that DeRanch operates safely as a family friendly restaurant only, not in any way as a bar, lounge, or late night club.   

Mike Callahan
Mayor, Town of Cheverly

CC: Councilwoman Harrison, Delegate Diana Fennell, Delegate Jimmy Tarlau, Senator Victor Ramirez, Mamie Smalls, Paula Davis, Malcolm Augustine, Cheverly Town Council