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Code Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions

What is Code Enforcement?
The Office of Code Enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of City, County, and state codes relating to parking, signs, abandoned vehicles, weed abatement, health, and housing.

One of the main goals of the Code Enforcement program is to bring to the attention of residential and business owners any existing code violation which could have a negative impact on their neighborhood. Many such code violations are referred to as "public nuisances." Through voluntary compliance, cooperation, and a spirit of personal responsibility for the well-being of our community, conditions which create code violations can be eliminated and the program will succeed in making the Town of Cheverly an even better place to live.

Code Enforcement personnel are always available to attend neighborhood and organizational meetings to explain the program and assist citizens with improving their neighborhoods.

What does code enforcement mean to me?
As citizens of the Town of Cheverly, we owe it to ourselves and to our neighbors to maintain our homes and businesses in a manner which has a positive effect on the overall appearance of our City.
The basis of the Code Enforcement program rests upon each of us acting as good neighbors. We all have property rights that protect us; however, the term "property rights" also implies that a property owner has certain responsibilities. No property within the city may be used or maintained in a manner which downgrades the value, use, enjoyment or safety of one’s own or surrounding property.

What can I do to help?
  • The best thing you can do is be concerned about the welfare and appearance of your street and neighborhood; then take action:
  • Organize a block or alley clean up.
  • Return a stray shopping cart to the store.
  • Report illegal dumping immediately.
  • Remove temporary signs from utility poles.
  • Make sure your property is free from code violations.
  • Encourage neighbors and surrounding businesses to maintain their property.
  • Arrange for Code Enforcement staff to speak at your neighborhood gathering.
  • Volunteer to organize a clean up at your neighborhood school.
  • Call to report realtors who advertise properties in your neighborhood with code violations.
  • Visit your neighborhood association.
  • Encourage your children to care about a clean neighborhood.

Reporting Code Violations

What can a person do if a neighbor is likely in violation of an ordinance?
The first step you should take when you believe a neighbor is in violation of an ordinance is to talk with your neighbor or the property owner about the situation. If you have done so, and the effort has failed, call Code Enforcement at (240) 770-7647 register a complaint. Please give the exact address and description of the problem you feel is in violation. All complaints are confidential.

What will happen if I make a complaint?
Problems are addressed in a confidential, friendly and understanding way. On receiving a complaint, a code enforcement officer will notify the property owner to explain the problem and suggest solutions. The property owner is then given time to take care of the violation, whether it be by moving an inoperable vehicle to the garage, trimming back weeds, repairing a fence, or relocating trash cans and debris.

While most property owners comply after the first notification, those who don't receive additional notices and/or fines. In addition, some violations may be abated by the town at the owner’s expense.

Receiving a Code Violation

I just received a Violation Notice from the town and I realize that the notice is late getting to me, what can I do?
Contact the Town as soon as possible. Normally, the Town has no problem providing more time for voluntary correction to code related issues. Please keep in mind that violations that deal with the Health and Safety of the Community may require immediate attention and might not be subject to extension.   

I just received a Violation Notice and I am not sure what to do.
Contact the Town, we will be more than happy to explain any questions you might have or work with you on a solution. Please keep in mind, The Town of Cheverly CANNOT recommend a contractor to do the work or a specific corrective method.

Who turned me in?
We receive complaints from a number of sources including internal referrals, outside agencies and the general public. Of those complaints received from the general public, we may offer to keep a complainant's name confidential for various reasons. A court order is required to find out the complainant's name if we agree to confidentiality. If a complainant is not concerned about confidentiality, their name is public record.

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