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Cheverly Police Department News and Updates
1. Solving Property Crimes: The Cheverly Police Department utilizes a number of evidentiary means to solve a wide variety of crimes ranging from serious assaults, to burglaries, to thefts. These means are important because so many crimes are not independently observed by witnesses who could testify to such events. While it is much easier to prevent or deter a crime before it occurs, the gathering of forensic evidence on the scene of a crime is a major investigative imperative in trying to link a suspect to a particular criminal event. There are three major types of general forensic evidence, they are: DNA, fingerprints, and video from either public or private sources. Each of these types has positives and negatives.

Regarding DNA evidence, advances in the last decade has made this type of evidence a critical method of proof in crimes against persons cases such as homicides, rapes, and serious assaults, among others. While collection of this evidence has increased over time, the expertise necessary for its examination and the costs associated with these procedures remain real detriments to widespread application. Fingerprint examination also requires expert analysis, and given that there are so few available examiners in the County in relation to the number of prints submitted, priority again is given to crimes against persons cases.

With this information in mind, I encourage every resident to consider the purchase of video equipment as a means of crime prevention as well as suspect identification. Equipment prices have come down considerably in the last few years and home installation no longer requires expert assistance. Many cameras now come with photo-electric cells and long-life batteries if electricity is not available to a certain site and many can now be hidden within doorbells or other such devices. For the home interior, cameras can be placed on an interior shelf, in/on a book case, or behind a plant as a means of recording movement in the home when the resident is away. In addition, these cameras can make notification of movement/trespass to the resident via cellular phone, enabling the resident to address a stranger via loud speaker or sound an alarm as appropriate. Ring is a popular brand, but there are many others that have just as attractive features and prices.

2. Criminal trends seem to catch on rather quickly. One such trend in gas station robberies or thefts; not of the station, but of the patrons who visit such establishments. Over the last year, there have been numerous such events all over the region that seem to follow a typical scenario. In the usual event, a vehicle driven by one suspect parks in or near a gas station. A second suspect gets out and approaches the gas pumps looking for a vehicle running or for keys in the ignition. The suspect simply jumps into the vehicle and speeds off, or just as frequently steals personal property observed in plain view (purses, wallets, etc.) and flees back to the suspect vehicle. Most of these suspects tend to target females or the elderly.

To protect yourself against such events, never leave keys in the vehicle while pumping gas. In addition, keep your purses or wallets in your possession while not in the vehicle. In most cases, the suspects in these types of crimes want to escape quickly and avoid observation or altercation. 

3. If you have an interest in the Clerk or Administrative Assistant positions in the Cheverly Police Department, please submit your application as soon as possible. The Department will be holding oral boards soon and the submission of an application is the first step. The initial application can be found on the Town’s website (, by going to the heading Administration, Town Administrator, Employment Opportunities, and then Police Civilian Employment Application. An application can also be obtained from the Police Department. If you have any questions about these open positions, please call Chief Robshaw at (301) 341-1055.

4. Police Student Officer Update: The Department currently has three student police officers seeking state certification in local police academies. Two of these student police officers are in the Anne Arundel County Police training academy, and one is in the Prince George’s County Police training academy. All are doing well in their studies.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
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